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Sweatband - If you want to lose money & have a lot of time to waste shop with them

I purchased a treadmill where I was told that there was no problem in returning if not happy. Customer service excellent before purchase. After I received the treadmill it was far too heavy to lift & as I wanted to move it to the upstairs bedroom & would need at least four strong men, it was just not possible to move so I cancelled the order on 4th Oct 2009 by sendiing an email. I made sure that I did not open the box as I wanted to ensure that I did not incur packaging charges. As there was no response to several of my emails I phoned & spoke to customer service and it was arranged that their courier would collect on 12th Oct which they did.

I spoke to customer service on 19th Oct to confirm refund and was informed that I would get full refund before the next Wednesday and item was checked & found to be fine. Spoke to Manager on 30th Oct as did not get refund. Manager said he was personally arranging immediate refund on my card. Spoke to Manager on 3rd Nov as no refund...promised again. Phoned again on 6th Nov in morning & promised immediate refund. Got a call at around 6 pm saying that threadmill was still with their couriers so could not give refund yet. I asked them why they strung me along continuously saying that it had been received and checked and each time that a refund was being arranged and was not given any explanation. Was told I should get refund some time next week.

On taking legal advice was informed to give them 3 days to make payment as they were over the 30 day distance selling time period for returning the money of which £699 was what I was owed. Sent email on 9th Nov giving them 3 days to return money otherwise I would start legal proceedings. Sent another email on 12th Nov stating after today will start proceedings. Received phone call at end of day saying they arranged payment. I asked for email confirmation & found they had deducted £70.72 which was never agreed and further conned me adding insult to injury. I phoned them up but they said that was what was agreed when it never was.

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