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very good

never had any problem with sky once had a small problem but they gave me six month half price :P

everytime i call up to cancel they always give me good offer that i cant refuse
very good
i got top package sky world on 6 month half price ;P


great help

i always use this website i got mobile app and its so handy one of my fav app i can check trains time within sec i will def recomand the mobile app to everyone


htc make great phone

if you need a good phone and decent price go with htc
not many people know but HTC is been around for years its not a new company they use to make phone for all the network
such as o2 xda, o2 orbit etc all was made by htc.

htc one x is one of the best phone around rite now


too expensive

before you buy from curry check online you will get better price 100%


dont order anything breakable

order a pc tower took the day off waited all day nothing came all them and was told they try to deliver but no one was home and a card was left ?????????????????????????
complete lie nobody came no card was left

that was not the worst part re arrange the delivery got the parcel this time when open it

All of my pc part was broken did nt even for a week and i have to return it and get a replacement this time i just drove 4 hours to picked it up from the compney warehouse


PayPal way or the high way?

i use paypal a lot they are really good untill you have a problem. does nt matter whos fault is it you will end up on losing side

I recieved some payment in US dollor approx 700 i call them up and ask them if i can transfer they money into my US dollor bank account as dollor because paypal rate was very bad so i told them transfer they money into my bank and let them do the conversion. Rep told me yes thats fine and sent the money,

I went to the bank and guess what they converted the money and sent ponds in my account i call them up and ask them i dont want you to convert so i was told not possible i said ok revers the transfer which they did.

but now i only have $650 i call again and ask where is the rest and was told it was lost in conversion i ask if i can speak to the manager but that did nt really help they would nt admit it was there mistake and would give me any money back what a joke

so after 4 phone calls couple of bank transer i was back to squar one with a lost of $50


never again

if i could give - star i would have been -10. i switch from o2 to virgin many people warn me that virgin customer service is crap, i did nt listen BIG MISTAKE. when i place my order they sent some1 to check the property to make sure i can have the services and was told all is ok i should nt have any problem.
i order 60mb internet and phone line. On the instalation date i was told my line cant be connected becuase the whole telephone cable need to be change and someone will come and do that for me next week.

One week past and nothing happend so i call them and they send an other engi down which mean an other day off work this engi told me the same thing again that cable need to be change i ask him we already know this so change they cable he was like he cant do it some one will come again and will fix it and they gave a 3 weeks time which mean no telephone for a whole month. I call the customer service and the person did nt know what was going on could nt even answer my question staright. i cancel the whole thing it was a terriable service. i switch back to o2 again its slow internet but atleast i have internet and line.


cant go wrong

Bought a rolex with 20% off when using gift card via this website. cant go wrong

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