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Quick delivery, good quality

I ordered a dress and I got it in a few days, all went well. The dress itself is amazing! Well made and of high quality. I had some problems tracking my order, but everything turned out fine so I have no complaints. Their website does need to improve a few things, but I'd definitely recommend it to a friend. Give it a try :)



So glad I could track my order whenever I wanted! I've had many problems with tracking numbers from other websites, but not with whiskeymilitia. I ordered a shirt for my boyfriend and he received it in a few days - they ship everything right away. Plus, their prices are really low...Perfect for a few surprise gifts for guys :)

Love it

I've been using it for years! They never let you down...very easy to find what you want, you can even search by the type of hotel you prefer, like "romantic", "resort", and so on. Very trust-worthy! I'd never book my hotel from any other website.


Decent quality, good customer service

I just received my dress from Rare. I have zero complaints from their customer service - I was worried about my tracking code, so I used their contact form. They e-mailed me back right away and everything went well. I got my order in a few days, which was impressive considering I live in Greece. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, though I must say the quality of the dress itself wasn't the best. The belt that came with it looks kind of cheap, but I'll replace it with a better one. I really think you can get something of higher quality with the same money.

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Seriously, don't do it.

I ordered two USBs from their website, waited for two months and never received them. Their customer support is a joke: I've tried to contact them several times, but only through e-mail since I live in Europe and it's practically impossible for me to call them. They haven't replied, though I did get one of those automatically generated e-mails, advising me to chat online with one of their CSRs. They didn't even apologize or give me an explanation.
Also, gave me a tracking code which didn't work. When I asked them about it, they explained that my order had no tracking code :S I simply logged into my account and gave them the tracking code they gave me, yet they kept saying my order shouldn't have a tracking code. They couldn't even explain why they sent me one. Absolutely ridiculous, and the worst service ever.
After all that, I talked with them again, this time asking for a refund. I had no proof they ever shipped anything, yet they charged me as if nothing happened. It's been three months now, no refund yet.

Absolutely unacceptable - no refund, not even an apology.

*** update: I finally did get my refund, precisely 3 and a half months after I placed my order. Never got an explanation or an apology. Worst customer service ever.


Fast delivery and a great selection of clothes! I absolutely LOVE yesstyle! I live in Greece, yet my orders arrive in exactly a week! I have been shopping from their store for more than two years now, though it was always through a friend, and I got my own card just so that I can order stuff myself.
As far as quality is concerned, it's unfair to say that it's poor, especially considering how many different brands they have. You can get cheap, super cute clothes, or even more expensive ones... Basically depends on how much you're willing to spend.
You can also search by price, and they even have separate categories for items on sale or for those that cost less than 25$. Their whole website shows that they put a lot of thought into making it user-friendly.

06 January 2012

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Hi Vicky,

We are very glad and happy to read your comment. Thank you for sharing your pleasant shopping experience with us. We at YesStyle try our best to provide the widest variety of products from different Asian countries with our customers. And we strive to provide a pleasant shopping experience to every customer.

Once again, we are very glad to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase and thank you very much for sharing your shopping experience.


The YesStyle Team

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