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Great service.Swift Delivery.

Emergency Food Storage is a great organisation with their finger on the pulse when it comes to current affairs that are impacting society as a whole.

As a "prepper" this organisation is a great as I was buying US Army MRE's from Ebay which were typically offshore in Germany and quite expensive and not as tasty as EFS Mountain House Range of products.

There is only one other UK based competitor called BPREP and the prices they have are not competitive.

The only suggestion I would have for EFS is that when you send your great products in the post.

Please do not use packing tape that says Emergency Food Storage all over it as when the shumer hits the fan.

It's highly likely that however delivered the parcels will remember as it declares in big letters on each package Emergency Food Storage.

It needs to be more subtle.

I don't want a "great golden horde" of hungry unwashed barbarians trying to kick off my door to get at my goods!
Get it? Got it? Good!


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