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Excellent online marketplace.

I absolutely love Amazon. They've been a very reliable hub to shop from, with absolutely no problems in anything I've purchased on their site (from the company itself nor the independent merchants).

I've bought books, computer hardware, games, music, jewelery, guitar accessories, and clothes from Amazon, and everything has been top notch service. Delivery estimates either exactly when they say, or my items arrived earlier than expected, and well packaged.


Safe, reliable, excellent customer service.

What more could you want? Any problems at all and they will sort it out, and questions are answered on the site and if the FAQ section gets you nowhere, an advisor will help you very quickly.



They set their prices as high as they can, and the stock barely touches what's available out there. How this company has survived to this day still surprises me to no end when we have places such as Amazon and Ebay to buy the same stuff (and plenty more!) at far less cost.


The staff are a joke.....

Last time I stepped into this store was around August last year. I used to shop here all the time, purely because the only other guitar shop that was even half decent had shut down and I didn't have a credit card to shop online with at the time.

The guys don't have a clue what customer service is. They are obnoxious, cannot be bothered, and look down at everybody. You'll be lucky if anybody even takes you on, when they're not drinking coffee and reading a magazine, they're staring into space wandering around the store aimlessly. There may be the odd occasion when they'll help you out, but you'll be lucky if you don't just get a blank stare followed by a sigh.

And then on the times when they can take it upon themselves to try doing their job, they fail massively at it by ding too many things at once, trying to handle other customers, talking to the other staff about rubbish like what they'll be doing at the weekend, etc.


Awesome retailer.

This is the second time I've ordered from the good folks at GAK. The first time I phoned about ordering my guitar, and the customer service was exceptional. And on both occasions my guitars have arrived quickly, with no problems to any part of them.

In my opinion this is the best guitar shop out there, and it is the main place I buy instruments from now.

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