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Great Prices and Fast Delivery

Never heard of Tooled-Up before and stumbled across them whilst Googling for a new lawnmower as they had the best prices to be found. Normally nervous of placing biggish orders with unknown companies so did a little research on review sites first. All seem fine so placed my order which was easy. The sales and despatch process was well communicated. Lawnmower was delivered quickly and when they said it would be. No problems with the purchase at all so cannot comment on customer service but so far Tool-Up have been five star.


Order 34669774 - Never Recieved

Zavvi have asked me to review this order which just shows how out of touch they are.

I placed the order (34669774) on 14th Dec 2013 and got a despatch email on 15th Dec 2013. To this date (2nd Jan 2014) it has never arrived.

I contacted Zavvi and first they made me wait 14 days before considering it lost.

Then they made me download, print, hand complete in ink, scan and email back to them a declaration. I never received any acknowledgement of receipt nor any progress since then. The original eMail stated that once they have the declaration they will pursue it with Royal Mail and contact me when it has concluded. I have dealt with the Royal Mail 'lost letter' service personally before and know that they will allow themselves upto 2 months to resolve.

This means that Zavvi want to hold onto my money for nearly 3 months before they will resolve and send replacements.

I set up queries saying this wasn't acceptable and they just mark them as a complete without providing a resolution.

Eventually a Zavvi employee responded to my query saying that replacements would be sent out and I would be sent an eMail as confirmation.

No such eMail was ever received so I had to send up a follow up query. This time another Zavvi employee responded saying that replacements were sent on 29th Dec. I am still waiting for them - obviously there is still plenty of time but based on performance so far I'm not holding my breath.

I've used Zavvi a lot. In the past I would say that they are slow but if you are not in a hurry there are some good bargains. But whilst they are okay if the goods arrive, if they don't their Customer Service is abysmal.

They are difficult to contact. They mark queries as 'Completed' even though the matter has not been resolved. They don't do what they say they are going to do (such as send eMail confirmations). And the whole process is done on their terms with little consideration to the customer. They make the customer jump through hoops and wait - their whole 'lost parcel' procedure seems to be based on the premise that the customer has received the goods but is trying to defraud Zavvi.

To sum up how detached their processes are they are even silly enough to send me an eMail enquiring whether I enjoyed my purchase and asking me to leave a review here - all this for an order that is still unresolved and Zavvi know that, if their departments just talked to each other.

I certainly won't be buying another thing from them until this order is resolved and after then it will have to be a really good deal.

Nigel Heather

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Scan Computers


I have used Scan a few times recently buying components for a PC upgrade. I've used mail order and visited the store.

The prices and range are very competitive and the website is very easy to use.

Each order has been processed very well with plenty of emails updating the status and delivery has been fast.

The flexibility to specify an actual delivery day is excellent for co-ordinating when you will be at home, and the co-ordination with the couriers is very good - in each case the night before or early morning I have received an email specifying the hour of expected delivery.

But what really has impressed me is how they deal with problems. On two occasions after receiving the goods I realised that they weren't quite what I wanted. Nothing wrong with them, not Scan's fault just me changing my mind or not researching properly. On both occasions Scan took the items back without any fuss, refunded and the money was back on my credit card with a couple of days.



Poor Order Status Updates

I ordered about £140 of LED bulbs using their website - was required to create an online account. Noticed that payment was taken as soon as order was made, but I wasn't too bothered assuming I would have them within a few days. Got a very basic order confirmation order. After a week they had not arrived so my first thought was to check my online account. Turned out to be useless because the online account holds my personal details - that's all. No order progress, not even a record of orders.

So I gave them a call. I got the "we were expecting a delivery yesterday" we'll send you an email fob off.

To be fair they did eMail, but only to tell me that they don't have stock, their supplier doesn't have stock and they won't be getting any in for at least another month. No apology, no offer to cancel my order. I rang back telling them I wanted to cancel and to refund my money. I was half expecting this to take ages but again to be fair my credit card was refunded within a few days.

So mixed feelings, hence the 3 stars.

Online account - useless. Pointless having one that doesn't even record orders made.
Taking payment immediately, especially when items not in stock.
Poor at keeping you updated - you have to ring them. I'm guessing that if I had not contacted them the order would have progressed for months without them updating me.

When they were contacted by phone and eMail they did respond quickly
They did process the refund quickly

Provide order history\tracking on the online account
Don't take payment until despatch - that way I would have gladly kept the order open with them - but I wasn't going to wait and wait whilst they were sitting with my money.



Sage Pay

Charged Twice - SagePay Not Interested

Placed an order with a company. A single order. If I look at the emails received there is just one order. If I log onto my account online there is just one order. Yet SagePage have charged me twice. They are not interested. They simply say that I placed two orders and when I insisted that I didn't they simply said "well you did, goodbye" and put the phone down. From my experience, SagePay is not a safe way to pay. They make mistakes and they are not prepared to even discuss them. I shall be avoiding SagePay in the future.

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Sport and Leisure UK

2000W Vibration Plate

Sport & Leisure UK. Can't fault the company, took the order and delivered when they promised. Was informed throughout the process and before committing the order that the courier might need assistance because of the weight. Sent an email confirming delivery date.

The Vibration Plate. Looks well built. Quieter than expected - can easily watch TV or listen to music whilst using it even at highest speeds. Excellent price. The design seems to be common just with different colour schemes for each seller - seen the 'same' machine on sale for twice the price. Only criticism is the lack of suggested exercises - a chart or DVD would have been nice, and limited operating instructions in the manual - the manual has 20 pages but only 4 of which tell you what the different buttons and functions are. For example it says that you can use the Mode button to select Auto Programme 1 or Auto Programme 2, but it makes no mention of what these programmes are or why you would choose one over the other. Probably quite intuitive though and there are plenty of vibration plate videos on YouTube.


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