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liar, cheater, misleading, no refund, no product, no warranty updated

1 star because it was compulsory if it was up to me i never give them even a star because they are cscam
i bought whole system from aria pc which is based in manchester England 1 year and a half ago cost me £810.42, when i i built my system gt 460 graphic card was greenish, the color was not correct i contacted them now they say send it back, but then when they received gpu, they refused refund and told me i have to pay postage if i am willing to send me back same faulty product, already i paid postage to send it to them so i said i am not going to pay, then they never send me product and never got the refund.

last week i updated motherboard bios to uefi then the cpu fan has stopped to work that cause my spu to burn, i tried to reverse bios but no joy, bear in mind this is official bios not beta, again i contacted aria pc to give me refund or replacement because it has 3 years warranty but again they ignored my email and they do nothing about it, i appreciate any one help me to complain about this misleading company.

yes you may see now and then good price or attractive deal, but if u face any trouble after sell then you will suffer and wish never u paid few quid more and never dealt with this bad service company.

i warned you so stay away please from this company, there are better one like [external link removed] and [external link removed]


i made a review last time for the new graphic card they confiscated, they never refund me or see the product again, i said it may be my fault, so as i bought whole system from cost £810.42 2 month ago i updated bios to latest stable version to U1a(UEFI BIOS), since then cpu fan stopped working and lead to failure cpu.

i contacted gigabyte they did not reply, i contacted ariapc they replied about 2 weeks later after emails exchange i told them i do not want you confiscate this board as you did to my gpu, they assured me its fine and they sent me RAM.

i spoke with [name removed] he is nice guy but i believe it is company's policy that do not give a damn about after sale so this negative feed back is not related to him in any way he was supportive.

so i sent the board back and i have got email confirmation that they received the board and later date they sent it back for replacement.

now it is more than amonth since then but they never reply to my emails while they stated in their website after 28 days customer entitled to refund or replacement.

now i have proof for all i said and still have emails on my account.

please can somebody advice me how to sue this company i based in ireland, because of that they think they can get away this time but i will try my best to get my right back.

thanks in advance and please stay away from this company, you can try different company in uk or if you want great price here is great site in germany and remember euro is weak now so shop from this site instead

[external link removed]

thanks for any advice

Palace Cycles

competitive price, grat flexibility, fast delivery, great customer service

competitive price, grat flexibility, fast delivery, great customer service.

just bought from them a frame eas cheapest on the line with great discount, they sent me with supper fast delivery, only 2 dyas after recieve my order free and i am based in Ireland.

during the shipping some little scrach was on my frame i contacted the website, they appologise and they offered me full refund or some refund compensation for the little scratch.

i was absolutely happy to keep my frame and get some refund aswel.

if you have any problem just contact them first, they will help massively.

oh for ireland buyer, due to post code unavailability in ireland, the website cannot accept your order and say error during the shipment, therfore it is the best to contact the website and pay on the phone as i did.

will i shope again?

am i happy with my purchase?
absolutely never been happier.



hi all i bahmen i shoped at 3 times, they have great service, great value and great discount.
they are very polite, easy going and flexible, 1 times i send multiple items for refund, not even a single question asked, and i got my full refund, second time i had 13 tyrs i sent them back for replace to different brand, again no question asked even i bought them 2 month ago, and they sent me my new tyres with very fast delivery.

also forgot to tell you, they have great price for dekivery, check it your self you will be more than happy.

they are very professional and trust them 100%, will recomend them before any other websites and will shop again.

ok its time for me to go, happy shopping every 1, and to be sure what you want do not hesitate to contact them so to avoid return and save your time.

Thank You

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