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Perfect Transaction.

Ordered 1200 microsoft points at 10pm, and the code was in my email inbox by 10:01pm - you can't ask for more than that. Also, the price for the points was very competitive, which led me to the site in the first place.
Overall, I would unreservedly recommend this company.


Can't ask for more!

I needed to post off a parcel with some speakers which weighed a not-so-small 11kg. At this weight Royal Mail becomes ridiculously expensive, so I looked to couriers for help.
Firstly I went directly to the couriers, which I (wrongly) assumed would be the cheapest thing to do, and my favourite courier is UPS. So I logged onto the UPS website and got a quote of £29.84 for them to collect and post my parcel. This was too much for me to pay, so I researched and found this company, Parcel2Go.
So I went ahead and got a quote from them, and gave me a huge list with various couriers and varied speeds that my parcel would be delivered. UPS were my first choice, and I needed it delivered quickly, so I opted for the express UPS service which only set me back £12.99 + VAT (this was £14.39 for me). I did initially wonder how it was so cheap, as it was half the price that UPS are offering on their own site! And I assume that Parcel2Go takes a share of the price I pay!
Well, I should never have doubted anything as the next day the UPS driver came and collected my parcel, and was delivered the day after.
Great service!
Oh but a word of warning, don't use TNT or Hermes as they receive a lot of criticism , just pay a couple of quid extra and use DHL or UPS!
Thanks a lot Parcel2Go! I will definitely be using you again!


Efficient, On Time and Helpful!

Like many others, I came into contact with this courier through purchasing off Amazon. I ordered a bulky Computer case (weighing a solid 6kg) and it was delivered within two days of me purchasing the item, kudos to Amazon for the quick dispatch also. However, this courier showed it's quality when I wanted to return an item also bought on Amazon, they come to your house and collect it straight from you. This went smoothly with the Yodel van turning up on the correct day and the driver being very helpful, telling me about how long it would take for my package to be returned to amazon.

Overall, I couldn't ask for more from a courier!


Comprehensively Brilliant! - Just be sure you are ordering from Amazon themselves!

Amazon are an indisputably great company, with the right ethos to make it ideal for the customer. Their pricing is always very competitive, to the point where you have to look second hand to get items cheaper; they offer a great free 'super saver' delivery option on all their products which is as speedy as many other companies paid-for alternatives. Another area Amazon excel at is refunding purchases, they offer a no questions asked 30 day guarantee on everything they sell, which they actually keep to (again much better than the competition). Amazon even pay for a courier to collect the item you want to return from your house! You really can't get better than that.

However, one thing I would urge you to be wary of is unknowingly buying from random companies through the amazon website. This is very easy to do, with items from amazon themselves looking aesthetically identical to their affiliate counterparts. The way to check is by checking if the item offers the 'Amazon Free Super Saver Delivery' option. If it offers this then the sale is fully completed through amazon themselves. However if you but from a random company, this is like buying the same item off of eBay, albeit a new item off eBay.

Give Amazon a try, you will soon realise why many people swear by it!

AudioVisual Online


I have to admit, the reason I purchased from this company is that I had money in my PayPal account (from selling on eBay) and it takes 3 days to transfer money into your bank account, so I was looking around various speaker sites and found that Audiovisual Online accepted PayPal (surprisingly the only speaker company I found that does). So, I had little choice who to order from, however I am very happy that I stumbled across this site! As I mentioned earlier the prices they offer are competitive offering the same price as Amazon for the speakers I wanted.

However, having ordered many thing from unknown sites before, I was expecting a large postage cost be be included with my purchase (in total the speakers weighed 11kg) but no, the postage was free! Being the skeptical person I am, I was expecting it to be sent by economy post and take a week or more to arrive with me. However this was anything but the case, for free they used DPD's next day premium service! This is a great service, with DPD texting me straight away telling me the date when my package would arrive. Even better was than on the day of arrival (I ordered this a 11 at night and it arrived two days later!) DPD texted me giving me a 1 hour delivery slot and sure enough the DPD van turned up slap bang in the middle of the slot! I couldn't believe I got this postage service for free, it must have cost Audiovisual good money to use that particular service.

The condition of the item was perfect, with the box in perfect condition (just as it should have been). I am now enjoying listening to my new speakers!

I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again! They would even be in preference to Amazon and such like! (yes they are that good!)

If only all companies were this good!


Extremely Cheap, but you really do get what you pay for here!

Well, I ordered from oneclickpharmacy because they were the cheapest for what I wanted, which was bed head for men workable wax. The order went smoothly, although I did have to pay almost £3 for postage, which was supposedly first class, but more on that later. I payed via PayPal, because I had never used this site before, and it gave me some reassurance that if it didn't arrive I would actually see my money again.

Anyway one week after I placed my order, I was still waiting for an item that was supposedly in-stock and being sent via first class. I found this hard to believe so I contacted customer support, who to this day still haven't replied. After I contacted support I checked the 'account' page which has a section that tracks your order. However after a week it still said 'processing', this immediately send warning bells off in my head. 1 week to process a single item that was instantly paid for!

Anyway, just over 3 weeks later I received my item which was, admittedly, in good condition and well-packaged. However, after paying my £3 for first-class postage I was (and still am) fairly annoyed about this. When I placed the order, It didn't even cross my mind that this would happen, as this is a registered pharmacy! Now for my item, which is very much a non-essential item, it didn't really matter that it was very late. However, if it was an essential item (as this is a registered pharmacy I'm sure some people order these) and 3 weeks late it be a whole different story!

Anyway my overall verdict is to avoid this site unless absolutely necessary. I for one should have just parted with a couple of extra quid and bought it off of amazon.

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