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Brilliant Bikes

Jolly Good

all the parts for the Brompton service were available right away and arrived next day. Pity I ordered the wrong chain size!

Bongo International

Absolute cowboys

Despite the delays with the shipping and high cost I stuck with, and continued paying my subscription to, Bongo as they told me they were going to sort it out.

But when the refund that was paid to me and sent to Bongo by Fed Ex was kept by Bongo as "Bongo does not refund customers for service delays as a company policy". so they just kept the cash!......despite continually telling me a myriad of stories to the contrary.


Exceptional AV

superb sound from their advice

I took EAV's advice with regards to upgrading our surround sound system and went for the Dali speaker system. The sound is fantastic compared to my old Rogers LS7A's and the price not too eye watering either.


You will be wasting your time

Having been brought up modifying my cars over the last 40 years with Halfords as my first port of call, I am really disappointed that I have to say that I will now NEVER visit my local Halfords store EVER again.

I say that about my local SLOUGH store. I have dropped into another store in the last 6 months, on a week day, and the reception was totally different.

It is not as if i have had one bad experience. I have really given them the chance having re visited five times now and on three of those occasions come away without buying what i had picked up off the shelves because there was no one to take my money. And having spent a stupid length of time checking out on the others.

Don't get me wrong, there are loads of people wandering around in orange aprons but all are always involved with something else or just wandering for the sake of it so that none of them can man the vacant tills. Perhaps this is down to the fitting services they offer and that is more interesting than helping customers buy off the shelf. Perhaps it is because the only time i have to visit is on a weekend? I am afraid these are not excuses though.

I have come up with a solution on my last visit. All I needed was a socket and spanner. Oh I think pop into Halfords. So I get there and can see the spanners in a cabinet. Can I get anyone to open it? No they are all busy and actually avoiding any contact with the many punters who were trying hard to spend their money. And of course once you get the spanner out of the cabinet you then have to wait in a huge line to pay at the only checkout that is open.

My solution. 100 yards down the road is B&Q. Yes they had the socket and spanners. No cabinet to negotiate speedy checkout or self service if you need it. Job done.

So my advice if you live in Slough....don't travel to Halfords on the Bath Road. You are likely to waste your time and petrol.


great service slightly odd ideas

mrs c is very pleased with the new Palm dry suit with the ladies convenience zip. all delivered really quickly but... it came with a fleece undersuit included.
that was medium as opposed to the dry suit being small and the oddest thing was the fleece had no way of allowing the "convenience" of the dry suit! or to put it plainly "wet pants".
Anyway mrs c set to the fleece with some scissors and a sewing machine and we shall report on the on water tests as soon as the weather perks up.


quicker than a flash

Carly got me out of a spot by checking my spelling. What a relief and everything arrived before time as well.

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