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over priced

deal do not tally in the basket as advertised and all deals are for new customers not fair treatment of reliable . loyal customers



Stole from my account and told me it was my fault because their system is never wrong!!!! steer well clear unless you want to be ignored abused and stole off


good all round

Poole stores well stocked and clean


great value

great value store good deals Dorchester staff lovely


good and reliable with quality

you get what you pay for great quality


Cattle bus

unfair hidden charges cattle bus service no customer care at all crap do not touch


love it

great deals great stuff can I have a freebie


great all round

great wines great service


sizing not great

there sizing can be a little bit on skimpy size


too invasive

too much advertising and money grabbing for my liking


great all of the time

Great deals great knowledge base


quality lost

I believe the quality has taken a hit in last few years and I was a big Iceland fan stopped shopping there when I got bits of bone in frozen mince more than once


hit and miss

sometimes you can get fab bargains in this tore some times its crap


great most of the time

failed on prime a couple of times but very quick to rectify and compensate all round good company


what would we do with out

great search engine if you have a question gooooooogle iiitttt !!!

City Link

generally great

Normally great on delivery front , however do not update their tracking website very well so you could be sitting in for a delivery that wont turn up


lovely lovely wine

Great wine great service highly recommended


some improvement needed

good customer service get the mobile coverage i need no problems there but a little slow to resolve issues and mobile site constantly having technical problems and very very slow to the speed of dial up !!!!


service goes downhill

great service to start on free trial soon as started paying for it the service got slower and slower till i only received 2 DVDs a month for £9.99 and it is always the posts fault and then you have to wait 5 working days blah blah avoid if you want good value

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would not touch with a barge pole

Was seduced by the cost of service but the old saying stands you get what you pay for !!! poor service asking me to dismantle bt phone sockets when service failed to then get put on to another overseas call centre that go through the same script time and time again to resolve no service issues do not touch stay well clear of this company


awesome service

Petplanet are the ultimate customer service company ! Nothing is too much trouble or too little to bother , delivery is very quick quality is excellent they are my first port of call for anything pets !!! I would not hesitate in recommending them.

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