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Vanilla Mart

I love Vanilla

I ordered vanilla pods and vanilla paste and they arrived a couple of days later. I've not opened the paste jar yet, but the vanilla pods are really good quality - unlike the hard dried up ones available in supermarkets. They smell delicious and I can't wait to use them. The price was very good too.

16 February 2013

Reply from Vanilla Mart

Thanks for your comments. We are glad you liked our vanilla.

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Chemist Direct -

I found the product I wanted, Proclere Infatreat Thermal Protector, which is great for using before blow drying your hair. As the last lot I had, my hairdresser at the time gave to me, as it is supposed to be for professional hairdressers only, I was really pleased to see it is now available on line - and better than that from Chemist Direct. The product arrived only 48 hours after I ordered it. Great product, great service.

John Lewis

Great Service

I ordered a skirt last night (a Sunday) at 4.45pm and received it this morning at 10.30am. Wonderful service and thank you to the carrier too.

Mulberry Bush Ltd

A lovely company, with good toys

I ordered some wooden train accessories for my grandson for his birthday (Christmas Eve) and also for Christmas Day. I ordered them early 1st December and they arrived very promptly. However, because of getting so many gifts for his birthday and Christmas, my grandson didn't look at all the accessories until the New Year.

Unfortunately, one of the accessories, a large turntable was broken when the box was opened. My grandson's mother telephoned Mulberry Bush who said they would contact the manufacturer and either send a spare part or a replacement to my address. The replacement arrived yesterday.

I would highly recommend this company. The toys and games they sell are excellent and of high quality, but not high prices.


Must depend on the Hermes employee

I was astounded to see all the bad review of Hermes. Whenever I've ordered goods that have been delivered by Hermes they have arrived very promptly, sometimes the day following order.

The person who delivers to me is a lady who uses her own car, she has delivered in this area for years. She is always very pleasant, the goods always arrive in good condition and when I've wanted to return an item, I've rung the number provided and the item has been picked up within 24 hours.

Perhaps I'm lucky with the local employee of Hermes, and the local depot;


Poor delivery company, why does anyone use them?

Like everyone else on here, all I can say is that Yodel is a poor company. I purchased an item from Amazon and when it hadn't arrived in the suggested time period, I decided to track the item. Of course, the tracking showed that delivery had been attempted on 3 occasions. The first time apparently they couldn't find the house (it's only been here since 1979!), the next two times apparently there was no one at home. As there is always somebody at home (we are a retired couple) this was total nonsense. Having read all the reviews I decided to send an e-mail to Amazon. Within a few minutes I received a reply stating my item was out for delivery. I e-mailed back asking whether they had actually contacted Yodel or just gone off the tracking on Amazon as Yodel's tracking was different to what they had posted on Amazon.

The next thing that happened was that I had a telephone call from someone in Customer Service at Amazon. I explained that what Yodel had put on Amazon and what was on their own site were totally different explanations for non delivery. I told the Amazon customer services man that I was not happy with Yodel and that this was shared by hundreds of other people and that if Amazon continued to use that company, I and others would just not order from Amazon any more. He did say that Customer Services could not influence the delivery companies used, it all depended on where the item purchased was held prior to being put out for delivery.

The customer services man asked me to hold on and said he would contact Yodel direct, which he did and told me that the order was out for delivery but that they couldn't contact their driver (that doesn't seem a good relationship between driver and Yodel). He also told them where I said I lived in relation to the main road between my town and their depot and also the fact that we lived on a cul-de-sac so that no-one could drive past the house without us seeing them. He said he would ring me tomorrow to see if the parcel had arrived, this was followed up by an e-mail from Amazon, confirming the 'phone call.

Now call it coincidence, but within the hour I received the parcel I'd been waiting for. The outer box was battered and torn, but fortunately, the item inside had been well packed by the manufacturer and was in good condition.

As soon as I saw the van pull up outside the house I went to the front door, but had to wait quite a few minutes for the delivery, the driver wound down his window to tell me that his colleague was "looking for it". It's worth commenting that, despite the delivery man having a handheld computer type instrument, on which he made some entry, I did not sign for the delivery. He just said "number X?", handed over the parcel and walked away. As the delivery van was just a large white van, I assume that Yodel use contract drivers with their own vehicles, rather than Yodel drivers and vans, which is probably why they were not able to know where the driver was.

So the moral is, if you order from Amazon and then find the delivery company used is Yodel, e-mail or ring Amazon and get them to sort out the probblem for you.

EXTRA INFORMATION: 5 stars this time. (1 last time, 5 this time divided by 2 means Yodel now has 3 stars from me - until next time!)

14.1.12 Last night at 5.45pm I ordered an item from John Lewis, to my amazement at 10.30am this morning it arrived. Even more astonishing was that is was delivered by Yodel. I have to say the driver was extremely polite and nothing like the ones who delivered my Amazon order. All I can say is that it obviously depends on the delivery driver and the depot the items has been sent to. As before the delivery van was a white van and not a Yodel van, so I guess Yodel use contract drivers and some are better than others.

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