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If I could give it 0 I would

So thinking I'd give the company the benefit of the doubt, I ignored the negative reviews and ordered. BOY do I wish I hadn't? Firstly, when ordering you select a date. This may as well be anything. When ordering I picked Monday. However, by Monday I'd received no information with regards to what was happening to my order: no dispatch email, no nothing. So I go on their 24/7 chat and ask where it is, only to be told delivery is expected between 2 and 4 on Tuesday. One day late but fine. Tuesday comes and goes: no delivery. So wednesday morning I email and get no response. Then I go onto their online chat again and get ignored and send numerous messages only to have the chat shut on me because they're getting no response. Then I get an email later in the evening saying their courier damaged it would I like a replacement product. Quite frankly, this retailer is NOT worth the hassle. Sure some people have had quick service and wickedly cheap items, good for them: you won the russian roulette that is shopping at furnishing homes uk. For the majority, it's a world of unanswered emails and no news of where your items are. I will never place an order here again.

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Perfect Customer Service

I recently bought a 44 drawer storage cabinet from Maplin which sadly when it arrived was dented in at the top so I had to force the top back up and dented at the back. This cabinet was usable but at £22 I expected it to arrive in a good condition. Slightly annoyed, I emailed Maplin to complain expecting some sort of discount code as compensation. However, Maplin sent me a whole new cabinet whilst letting me keep the old one. Response was quick and outcome on my part was brilliant! Thanks Maplin! Great customer service!


CRAP level of service

I am absolutely furious at the level of service I've recently experienced from Debenhams. You order and they charge you then don't send your items out because they've messed up at their warehouse. I ordered on the 26th and it's now the 10th January and still nothing... wouldn't order from them again. On the phone they say that in order for them to correct their error you wont get a dispatch email until after it arrives but as to when this MYSTERIOUS date will be who knows. Better off just going in store (or not shopping with them at all) for anything you want as you'll otherwise be left wondering whether you've just given your money away in exchange for nothing but air. ABSOLUTE crap.

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