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Wired2Fire Ltd

Elite systems built by professional and reliable people.

What can i say about Wired2Fire? Where to begin is the question.

I shall begin with some background first. I set out to build a custom pc, for simulations and extreme graphics performance. This was 6 years ago. The fabled Alienware pc was an inviting option, but after placing my order with them, my parts failed to materialise for a fortnight. I did some reviews and seeing the decline in customer satisfaction, i bailed ship and requested a refund.

Then i found a small company called Wired2Fire. They had some good reviews, as did plenty of other companies i found on the net. But what made me trust them from the start, was the professional and knowledgable team of people that greeted me on the phone. Not once but several times i rang them to ask questions and they knew their stuff inside out. Also, they answered the phone within five rings and were always polite and helpful.

SO i to took the plunge and invested my hard earned cash with them. And, i can proudly say, here Iam 6 years later smiling contently at the beast that purrs beside my desk. One thing that was important for me when i was purchasing the PC was future proofing it for as long as possible. I wanted to make sure i could upgrade as time went by and the system i wanted was faithly built as per my instructions. Over the years i upgraded the graphics cards, then I went SLI (twin graphics cards for increased rendering performance) and increased the amount of RAM.

One thing to note. They say actions speak louder than words. Unfortanetly, i cannot show you what this pc can do but i will tell you of an experience I had when i contacted Wired2fire about 2 years ago. I was using 8800gtx sli at the time and i wanted to upgrade to 280GTX SLI. I rang up Wired2Fire to ask if i could upgrade, or if there was anything i should be aware of. They could have just sold me the 280GTX cards, saying they wil work on my system, but they didnt. They pulled up my computer data from their records and advised that i would require different power connections for the 280GTX to work. There was also other concerns that might lead to potential issues and Wired2Fire advised that the 260GTX would be the next best thing to go for. The 280GTX was more expensive. They could have sold that to me and left me to get on with it. They had no obligation to assist me as my warranty had expired years before. So, i think its clear that Wired2Fire are not money grabbers, out to make a quick buck.

I can honestly say, that even after all this time, i can still ring them up and they will help me through thick and thin. They still answer that phone within five rings and the person on the end of the phone is not a call centre.

This review is more of a THANKYOU. I sincerely thank you Toby, Peter and the team for the standards you set out to reach and for maintaining excellant customer services and satisfication. Your computers are the BEST. You have won my respect and I cant tell you how difficult it is to find companies like yourselves in todays money driven market.

To anyone reading this review, considering whether to purchase through Wired2Fire or not. I can tell you this, no one can beat them. They have a morale standard of excellance that you dont find in many companies today. Most of them are out to get your money. These guys are out to show you what you missing out on. If you want to go elite, then give them a call and you wont look back, you wont regret it.

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