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They really are bad

Firstly the website: not user friendly, search for something using the filters on ebay and you'll see how a big site should function.
Secondly the delivery: I've had one delivery where they couldn't find my house so kept trying to deliver it to another house on the wrong street. Another time, the express next day delivery I paid for was cancelled on the day and I was reduced to super saver. Talk about late notice. I was left without an important present. Then it took ages to arrive (citylink dramas same old)
Finally customer service: Talk about not what they claim. Their call centres are abroad and therefore explaining things is never easy, simply because the nuances of the problems are missed. They never actually answer questions in emails or on the phone. They just skirt around the issues, unless you email the same questions more concisely three of four times.
I know they're a massive company and they brand themselves well, but if you're one of the cases where it goes wrong, you quickly lose any love you had for them. They're the same old dodgy corporation with a smiley face on the box (a bit like apple...)



Received my glasses very quickly as they fit through letterbox. They felt a bit difficult to look through, so I rang ciliaryblue and Jack was so helpful, saying I could send them back to him and he'd check them and advising me as to what to say to my opticians, D+A. He checked the lenses and they were as the prescription said. Armed with the knowledge that Ciliary Blue would replace lenses if my prescription was wrong, I went to see D+A. They fobbed me off multiple times, claiming I hadn't given the glasses time and that websites are unreliable. They constantly tried to lay blame on Ciliary Blue, which annoyed me immensely. In the end they agreed to retest but if there was no change in my prescription I'd be charged £20. I took the risk and discovered they had my axis wrong by 95 degrees. Pretty shocking. Needless to say I made D+A replace the lenses because I don't think it would have been fair to get Ciliary Blue do it considering it was definitely not their fault.
One of the best if not the best internet based company I have ever used.

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