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BE WARNED > When I received, my dress, I found the neckline stiched down into the lower scollop of the lace bolero exposing the undergarment on the righthand side. I returned the dress on the next post day stating that I wanted the postage and the cost of the dress refunded in full, as it was faulty. I was away when Misses Dressy rang but called them back as soon as possible, as they had stated they could find no fault. I live in the UK which means that I have the time difference to contend with and the call costs. I have spoken with numerous agents, some understanding, some totally dismissive. If there is no manager why can they not get one to call when they are free or email with a time that would be convenient to both of us but no. I have sent 4 different photos 3 times to different agents, all of them can see the problem, but have no authority and need to progress the call to management, who are not there. Finally I got my credit card company involved but Misses Dressy stated to them that I returned the dress because it did not look like the picture. All of my emails have stated and photos have shown that it was shoddy workmanship that was the problem. I was more than prepared to believe that one item may have been overlooked by the product control department and only want my outlay refunded. At present I have a loss of £209.67 plus £20.00 recorded postage, plus endless phone calls . One of which lasted 29mins when the agent said she would speak with someone higher up but hung up instead. I have tried to remain polite and am not without understanding of the position of the customer service agents BUT this is a well established company who are mentioned in some of our best wedding magazines and I want future customers to think twice and then again before parting with their money. I have just finished yet another call and been told that I would be put through to someone only to find that it was an answerphone message asking me to leave a message. That was ninety minutes ago, still no call from management.........................................

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