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Customer Service Terrible

SVP have fallen so far its now a case of when will it be sold off again, the bloke I spoke to (help section) Chris was the most off hand person I have ever dealt with, I ordered through paypal without logging into the SVP site, they associated this with my works account (same email) but denied this and said I logged in No I didn’t but they also sent it to another person at my works address who had ordered in the past of them??? When I pointed this out they said I had put his name in??????? again WHY WOULD I. one of the cases was broken on delivery so it was returned, only to be sent to the same person as before, again I complained and asked for the works account to be closed so it would not associate with my account, they said I quote "for government legislation we cannot close your account for 7 years" yes you can but you keep the records for 6 years! anyway they changed the password and said that would do it, I now have the batch of DVDs in this order have turned out faulty and emailed on my account explaining I couldn’t log it as the other account is locked out, Chris emailed back saying basically he is doing me a favour this time and I should have known better, my reply was I will bin these disks and take the loss rather than deal with this company again, I then went to another site and got the disks cheaper with free delivery , it was just I have been with them for over 4 years and feel they have badly let me and my workplace down with this attitude.
Never Again

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