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Generally good customer services and great products

Lush is a great company producing good quality, 'hand made' ( though mass produced) bath and body products. They are generally excellent in handling complaints but they seem to treat some customers better than others, I have had issues with their attitude but know of others who they have gone out of their way to reimburse and compensate/. The quality of the products does vary which is difficult with the items being so costly but generally they are very good and they do not test on animals and source their ingredients ethically which does push the price up. All I would say has lost them a s tar is inconsistent quality of their products and sometimes rather off putting customer services if you have to contact them with a problem.

Home Health (UK) Ltd

Great, reliable service via eBay

I have had no cause for concern with this company, my orders have been fulfilled and delivered accurately and speedily. I have not had to contact them so cannot comment on customer service complaints. Communications, updating me on progress have been forthcoming and timely.The products I have ordered appear to be accurate and of adequate quality for the price. I would recommend using this company if you are happy with no frills products that do what they should at a very reasonable price. ie. basic pregnancy tests and fertility tests , rather than the all singing all dancing ones that cost considerably more, after all you want is to know if your pregnant or not or ovulating or not, and when trying for a baby for over 7 months the branded ones at a tenner a time soon break the bank.


LED torch was not an LED

Some items are actually dearer buying them from Poundland than sainsburys and some items are not what they say they are such as an LED torch my husband bought turned out to be a filament bulb which is not acceptable. Okay it was only a quid, but false advertising and the wrong product.

Check out the price of products elsewhere, some good deal such as my UHU glue for crafting but also a lot of not so clear cut bargains.


utter rubbish

Iceland food is dire quality and not fit for your pets, buy proper food and stop feeding your kids crap.

Higher Nature

Great products, reasonable delivery.

Higher Nature are some of the best supplements on the market especially their true food range, This time I got Folic Acid I usually buy via [name removed] and I have to say that their delivery is a lot quicker than direct from higher nature. Good service though and would highly recommend their products. If you need it in a Hurry buy from [name removed], their postage is also free

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