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Poor bank and service

Had my credit card use refused twice in a public place... I have approx £100k with them in ISA's and savings account too!!!!! Then i had a mobile text from them saying my details had been changed on my account.. Which one, i have three and there was no phone no or contact details given. So i went into the local branch and there was nobody to speak to about it. So i lodged a complaint by email. I then had a complaint manager call and she refused to accept my concerns about contact options etc. There is no ordinary phone number issued for NW only a 0845 number and you need passwords etc to use that. SO i couldnt make phone contact . I found the whole saga a real pain and not what i call service at all.

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Deisel performance upgrade kit is just great...

I bought one of their kits via the web , it arrived and it was fitted in 20 mins total. Started the engine and it all works as promised and the engine pulls well. Now i can use the gears as if its a petrol engine as i have more punch due to the higher Torque produced. I am not a boy racer and fitted this to improve a sluggish SUV. its a Dacia Duster that is brand new but underpowered. It is doing 53-55 MPG with the kit fitted. For a 1.5 turbo diesel it goes well and pulls like a train up hills too. For an easy to fit and inexpensive bit of kit i would say get one if you too are not happy with having a slow SUV. It transforms the vehicle for a low outlay.

CCL Computers

A good product and price

Bought a new laptop from them. It was delivered expertly by DPD and right on time too. They are a very good courier service. 10/10 for them.
My laptop all seems to be there as ordered. Have not used it yet but at least it arrived on time and with no hitch at all. They seem to do what they promise to do and at a fair price. So far i am happy and will charge it up and use it on Tuesday when free to. I look forward to a problem free change from my old desktop pc which is 8 yrs old now..


A terrific delivery service

Delivered as expected on the right day at the right time and so cheap too. The driver found me easily unlike DHL when they try. He delivered as expected and the tracking system helped and was easy to use. One of the best courier services i have used and so far its the best one too!!!!!! 10 out of 10. Will always use for my next courier service.

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Big Dog World

Great product and service

I ordered on Wed afternoon and my dog lead device arrived first thin on Friday morning. Great product and very quick delivery so an excellent service overall.

Ups Uk

The worst delivery service ever.

Tues 1st Oct 2013 at 13.55
I have just had my third delivery by UPS messed up and delivered to an incorrect address. It seems they cannot read nor can they use a Satnav nor can they ask a person where an address is when they cant find it. The latest error by them is a second attempt to deliver a package to me but delivering to the wrong place and getting it signed for by the wrong person too. I have been waiting in now for 2 days and made several calls and been watching their tracker. They are useless and i will never send anything by them. I will always ask for another courier when purchasing anything too. They cant be trusted. 0/10 is my view of them. Tracker no is 1ZW102556853377900

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Elec guitar

Went online and bought a guitar amp, slide , dvd and picks. Got an instant order update and tracking tool ... Tracked it and it arrived as expected on the right day. No issues at all ...Very good and very easy process.
The guitar is fine and as expected and fairly cheap too. The courier was a very nice bloke and polite too.
So i would use them again anytime at all. I fancy one of their Fender Acoustic Giutars next and have no worries using them again.

Wooden Blinds-direct

Great product and price

I ordered as per the site instructions and they arrived without fuss and quickly. I fitted them in about half an hour on my own and they look just great. I had wooden in white which dont give the impression that its any darker in the room and let the light through. The product is well made and works well.
A good purchase that i am very pleased with.

The Plumbing Shop


I ordered, i received....what else do i say??? Easy online site, easy to find the things i wanted and good delivery service too. No problems at all and will use them again and again.

Machine Mart Ltd

Great service

I was pleased to get my order so quickly without any fuss. It was easy to order and to pay for too. A useful place for all my DIY and workwear .


Powercraft parts at last

I found them on the web after trying everywhere to find Powercraft Generator spares for a unit i bought at Aldi. They seem to have filled a gap after Powercraft went bust. I found their site good and informative and costs were fine .
So i now have a part on its way that means i dont have to junk a generator that i hardly used for more than 15 minutes since 2005. Its a fuel on/off tap which snapped as it was made from such poor metal. As i said it had only been turned on or off a handful of times from new !!!
A good web site thats easy to use to find parts.

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out of touch company

The BBC has had its day. Its time to close it down especially as it costs £150yr for multiple repeats, biased news, overpaid celebs, newsreaders to tour the world for a few seconds on the news etc. Also why do we have so many presenters of each show. By this i mean such as F1 where there are at least three and motorbike races where there are 3 or 4!!! The BBC doesnt give equal support to sports. Their red button gives info n cricket and other minor sports but not to Motorbike racing which gets 1-200,000 at Motogp or Superbike races equal to F1!!!! The old farts in the BBC are out of touch with their customers !!!!!!! Lets get rid of it.

They are still as biased as ever as at Sept 2012. The boring old farts at the BBC still only indulge in such as public school sports like Cricket, Union Rugby or Horsejumping etc. Winning the MotoGP or WSB championship is much more of a public event these days and not so boring. The crowds are bigger at the events but the BBC still do not give them a mention. Its about time we got something for our money other than flower shows, cricket and other programs that cater for the few not the masses !!!! Get rid of the totally biased male newsreaders now !

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Now very good

After five months of very poor service with crackly phone and slow broadband, PRIMUS had a manager from their Faults Dept named Mark call me and he sent in a BT engineer to check out the wiring and faceplates in my home and their green streetside cabinet. My house was built in 1990. He changed my master socket, cut all the wiring and re-did it then checked out the point of entry wiring to my home and the street cabinet. After doing all this, my broadband went from 2mb to over 5mb and no more crackly phone line !!! Marvellous......
Its just a shame it has taken hours of complaint calls, bad ratings on blog sites, emails and letters to Head Office to get a result.....I now have what i have been paying for since Nov 16th 2011.

Its now Sept 2012 and although the download speed is 5.5meg now, the upload speed is awful at between 56kb and 300kb. My service is slow and stutters. Video is jerky and out of sync with its sound. I have to wait for up to 2 mins sometimes for the screen to roll over and refresh itself. The download spped has been steady at over 5 meg since it was 'fixed' as per previous review.


very good value and good service

I have bought many times from this company and would recommend their products, service and supply to anyone. I have never had a problem at all in years of buying from them. They even have a web site where you can view all your orders and get delivery details too.
A good buying experience online or by post using the preprinted form.
Delivery is free too , who else does that these days????

26/4/12 update.
Another delivery from Jersey today. The plants look well healthy and good quality. I have used them about 8 times now and always had excellent plants, delivery and service. You can also see online all orders and delivery details etc. I would use them again and again.


bad service and lack of interest

Having bought a woodburning Tiger stove i was given a delivery date. This was missed as the delivery company was given an incorrect address for me. I live in TW17 (Twickenham) and they sent my stove to SW17 (London). The driver called me to say it was out of his patch!!!! I called S are Us and they rearranged it for the next day 22nd Dec . It didnt arrive by 14.30 and was promised before 12.00 so i called them. It was despatched later and arrived about 17.00hrs. On arrival the flue pipe i ordered with a £35 upgrade to provide a cleaning door was missing. I called them and it was promised for the Friday coming (2 days later). That was before Xmas and it arrived after the first week of Jan 2012. Overall the entire thing was a real pain and had me calling them all the time. As a customer, it wasnt a good experience.


hopeless and unnacceptable Broadband

This company is hopeless in the UK. I used them for a phone line and to get broadband. The broadband was sold to me as up to 24meg. I only get upto a max of 3meg and the service is forever dropping out and i lose all my data and connection to whatever site i am onto. When you phone them they dont answer and you are left hanging on. When you do get through they have no resolution at all to my problem. The only option they offered me is a chargeable visit by one of their men to look at my installation!!! They have never been to my home and have never installed anything they simply send you a router and say get on with it!!! Then when you have problems , its down to you.... I have now had replacement router, changed the dongles, reset the router and had to reconfigure the router via the web. The whole product is a waste of time and money as the service drops out for two mins at a time and 5 times per 20 minutes which makes it unusable. At no time have Primus quality tested this product before selling it to me as a 100% working set up. Would you buy anything else like this?
I wonder if the fit for purpose bit of the sale of goods act applies here????? It is a totallly crap product and service.... Nil out of 10 applies but wasnt an option in the rating.

See next comments in my updated review.... All is now well.

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