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Better deals elsewhere

After reviewing this company - I have since got a better deal elsewhere. So read the review and weep!!!! Shop around for your needs Pet plan has lost the plot. I covered 2 cats and 2 dogs with PetPlan for 10 years - in the old days they were well known for being specialist and THE BEST - people paid extra for them because of their reputation. Sadly as soon as my pets got older they started increasing my premium AND my excess AND said I also had to pay 20% of all costs on top. This is not great when you have pets who have never made a claim. When I emailed them to say I was stopping cover - they didn't bother to contact me to discuss (update - they NEVER did get back to me - 6 months later). . They were happy to get rid of us because we are all old lol. GREAT if you have a young animal with no health problems- but don't expect them to value your loyalty as your furry friends get older - I am so angry that they have let me down after 10 years of loyalty.


Best online for dog tags

I have used this company for years- very reasonable prices and you get your dog/cat tag within a day or two. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Give them a try - you will NOT be disappointed for sure. Choose a tag - lots of choice. Type out what you want engraved on the tag. Pay your money. Get your tag by first class post. Couldn't be easier.


Vastly improved - give them a try

I've had dreadful experiences with Tesco and Asda for grocery delivery over past couple of years. Now looking for an alternative so in January 2014 I gave Waitrose.com a second try. Was pleasantly surprised. I'd first tried them about a year ago - website was dreadful, slow and hard to navigate and prices didn't seem that great. So bailed out. But saw the deal for a £50 shop - free delivery - and a free bottle of bubbly - so gave them a try. Was pleasantly surprised. They delivered on time (OK it IS a 2 hour slot whereas we are used to a one hour slot) but it is FREE (if you spend £50 - and lets face it - it ISN'T hard to spend £50 on groceries these days (even though we would prefer to spend less!!!!)- got a half decent bottle of champagne - delivery lady was brilliant - so pleasant and friendly - and no missing items. They also delivered some money off vouchers for subsequent shops - second delivery was as good as the first. I can't say at this stage that I will stay with them long term (if I am being honest at this stage - they will have to tempt me to stay). But I would recommend giving them a go if you are spending £50 in January 2014 - get a bottle of champagne and free delivery - and see what you think. Waitrose is clearly trying hard to raise their profile - so worth giving hem a chance. I will return here after a few more deliveries to give an update!


Check your grocery receipt for overcharging!

I have been ordering groceries online for years. I have trusted Tesco to charge me the price displayed on the website. Today I noticed on my receipt that I had been charged £3.88 for Felix cat food - yet on the website it was £3.20. I called them and they said they would refund the difference. But I pointed out to them that I don't usually check my receipt line-by-line - I just look at the overall cost and if it looks OK I get on with my life! Therefore there is a possibility that this happens on a regular basis. So I suggested that if they overcharge customers on a regular basis - no doubt this is how they make big profits. After all, most customers wouldn't notice a difference of a few extra pence on their receipt each week - but multiply that by millions of customers every week.... So I asked them to reassure me that this wasn't happening on a regular basis and they said THEY COULD GIVE NO SUCH REASSURANCE. Bizarre and very worrying. On another note - 5 months ago I bought a 'Delivery Saver' pass - i.e. paying for my deliveries upfront to get them 'free' for 6 months. Since then 9 out of 10 deliveries have been late. No apologies. One of the drivers told me that 'Delivery Saver' customers are put to the back of the list when drivers are running late because if they complain there is no delivery charge to refund. I put this to the customer services rep and she DID NOT DENY it. Needless to say, I have cancelled my delivery saver - and am seriously thinking of going back to Ocado.

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Updated website is fantastic!

I've used Moonpig for years - the 'old' website was problematic when ordering more than one card. They have listened to feedback and updated the website. It is excellent. They have always delivered on time and often have good deals available - e.g. at the moment - 5 (or more) Christmas cards at half price - and every single one can be personalised if you have the time - whatever you use it for - there are 100s of cards available - I ALWAYS find a really appropriate card here - which NEVER happens in a card shop. The personalisation is fantastic - and it takes all the hassle out of buying cards. I'm really happy!!!!

Armadillo Products

Take orders but do not deliver

I ordered a magnetic collar for my dog on 18 October. I was contacted a couple of days later to say there would be a 10 day delay. I said I could wait 10 days. However it was never sent and now a month later they have ignored several requests for an update. I receive automated emails saying they will get back to me but they do not do so. I won't deal with them in future.

The Rug House

Great quality carpet/rugs, fast delivery, great service

I first ordered through ebay. But then realised what a fantastic service and great quality the Rug House offers that I have now been back direct several times. They can cut to order - perfectly. Supply a whole range of colours and types - and I have done a lot of research and found that they are the cheapest online. They also deliver very quickly. I don't know how they do it, but they DO!!!! Will never go anywhere else now for rugs or carpets!


O2 customer service has gone down the pan

I've had O2 mobile now for 2 years- they remain excellent at network coverage - but that is all. Customer service was excellent at the start. Sadly, it has deteriorated to a completely unacceptable level. Trying to upgrade, I have now spent over 20 hours, either hanging on by phone or waiting to be connected to 'webchat' via the website. I have been told there are technical problems, it will be resolved in 24 hours, I have been promised call backs which never come and been told to 'use a different computer', 'change your password', call 202 and several other suggestions - none resulting in my promised upgrade. Now over 2 weeks later I have given up. The O2 shop is no better - they are happy to leave you hanging around while they attend to more important things (i.e. new customers) and then tell you to call customer services. I even emailed the CEO's office and received a response telling me they would get back to me within 5 days - that was 25 days ago. I have given up and am going elsewhere. I can't see O2 surviving if they treat existing customers like this. It appears they spend all their time with new customers - who at first may be happy with the service - but sadly will find down the line that they are no longer valued. I am very disappointed.


Full order still not received after 2 weeks

Although part of my order was received in good time, the other part was not included in my parcel. I had to chase customer services to find out what had happened. The response was polite, but stated item was out of stock. No date has been given for when I might receive it and unfortunately I have been charged the full price. I am disappointed.

26 June 2013

Reply from Naturesbest.co.uk

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to leave your review.

Firstly, please accept my apologies that you were not made aware of the situation with regards to the out of stock Fruit and Nut Mix.

Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock due to a problem with the production, this has resulted in a delay and the product will not be available until the 8th July. Due to this unfortunate delay I have arranged for your outstanding order to be upgraded to a first class delivery at no extra charge.

As soon as we receive the stock your order will despatched without further delay, we do have allow between 1-5 working days for delivery however in our experience we find that first class orders usually arrive in 1-2 working days.

I do hope this information helps and I again apologise for any inconvenience this delay has caused.

Kind regards
Rebecca Hardy
Customer Services Supervisor


Took longer than expected to arrive but good value

I was pleased with the products and the price - but sadly my parcel was delivered well outside of the period stated.

Pet Supermarket

Excellent prices and service as always

Bulky dog food delivered to my door, free delivery and always excellent prices. I wouldn't go anywhere ellse for all my furry friends needs.


Fast delivery, good prices

Good value, fast delivery, will use again.

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