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2012-03-14 - I HAVE RECEIVED ALL THE ITEMS. One year and near four months. Thanks to Daniel that has made all what he could to help me.
2012-01-26: I have received one of the chairs, the other item I will received before ending February
2012-01-25: I received a call from the shipping company that on 26 i will receive one item. I have send an email the person which i have emailed the day before telling him that on 26 i will recieve one of the furnitures. The other one un february.
2012-01-24: I have send an email to three persons in infurn and one of the has answered and give me the data of all my products. THANKS
2012-01-24: This morning I have sent an email to stefanie.mueller@infurn.com asking him about my tracking number. I am waiting for the answer.
2012-01-23: I've been waiting since Friday Krystel's call to communicate the tracking number, said he consulted and called me, I'm still waiting.
2012-01-20:Today I have changed one of the states to "Current Status Shipping: Your product has reached our store in London. DHL shipment will be made in the coming days." dated 20.01.2012. This afternoon I received a call from Infurn to inform them of the problem he had with the order, I told them that the problem comes from November 2010 which is when I ordered and only herecibido furniture. Certainly the person who called me was very friendly.
2012-01-16: I am trying to talk to them since the last week (Tuesday) and it's impossible, I have sent many emails and on Saturday afternoon, I was answered briefly and in German by Danielja telling me that the day would receive furniture 2/13/2012 order. If I come to that date would be a year and 3 months since i payid the order .
Of course I also sent two emails to stefanie.mueller @ infurn.com and have had no response.

Hello everybody,

The first thing is not to make any order with INFURN. I would not call them cheaters are calling in different sites of views even if some other adjective that obviare say in this post.
Then I tell you my experience with INFURN. I dated 11-17-2010 INFURN order with AU-41 990.
I was given as the date of delivery at 18 weeks of rigor.
When they were about to expire weeks I change the date for a few weeks and I say "01.04.2011: Due to high demand of orders, we will have a delay in the production of three weeks. The estimated delivery time for this product has been updated in your customer account. The arrival of the product to our warehouse has been estimated for 17 weeks. "
Week 17 of 2011 I changed the date again at week 24 and say "24.04.2011: User is now running Normally Production again. Your product is now gone Into Being production and is changed to 19 KW for quality assurance. After That Will the product be shipped in week 20 and in our warehouse Then Comes in week 24 in the central European warehouse. ".
At week 23 received one of the 3 pieces that he had asked and found to be the one I got for free using the 3x2
As early as week 24 of 2011 I again changed the date to 30 weeks and I say "16.06.2011: There was a delay due to the fact that the factory has made a mistake when loading the container. The arrival of the container in which your order is England is scheduled for week 30. "
At week 30 I returned to change the date to 34 weeks and say "There was a delay due to the fact that the factory has made a mistake when loading the container. The arrival of the container in which your order is scheduled to England for 34 weeks. "
At week 34 I change the date and say "Our partners are experiencing shipping delays docking and unloading in ports in the Middle East Along the Way to the UK, this is Causing delays out of our control. Along with Our shipping partners are doing all we we dog to keep containers as holly arrival information as possible. ". From there just make change the dates to be at week 2 of 2012 (6 weeks of 2010 + 54 2011 + 2 2012 = 62 weeks) and without receiving lso products.
No money have I spent on phone calls or lost time by sending e-mails. At first I had problems to contact them (by mail or telephone) and a person named Ilaria was very friendly and kept me informed. From about 20 weeks of 2011 and started having problems communicating with the company, the emails were not answered and when I called they said they would look to see what happened, as time went on after sales service was worse and a couple of months ago and told me I could only speak English when he calls (previously spoken in Spanish with them) kept the conversation in English as you can with them and they told me the second week of 2012 they reached a England furniture. I have this week (second week of the year) if I keep sending emails and receiving no response from them, I can no longer call you all the time I get an answering in German (I've tried over 20 times). I'll report on how my order goes through this post will not open or more seconds, thirds, fourths.

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