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Horrible correspondence responce times.

I had a very similar experience, I placed my order on 12/17/2011. My item was backordered, but buxnie took 2 days to tell me it was backordered. Those two extra shopping days before Christmas makes all the difference in the world when shopping online. Honestly when was the last time you've ordered something on 12/20 to arrive by christmas, and not gotten raked over the coals on shipping costs? Never! that's when. If their site had a live inventory system such as "only 3 left in stock" I would have my girlfriends christmas present, and I wouldn't have to write this lame review. I am only writing this because I feel you the consumer should know the truth. If you have not read the first review dated 5/12 please do so now, its short I promise. Now did that sound like a genuinely real review or some marketing? So I did some looking around to see what other people had to say on other sites. I found the overwhelming majority of the 5 star reviews were all written in late April to May of 2011. It sounds suspiciously like a review bot to me. If you check the biggest nationally accredited consumer review/complaint firm (whose name I cannot say or this post could get flagged, But think Big real Big) you will find a similar situation happened to another customer at christmas time. My advice is if you want it by christmas from buxnie order it in early November. Also there is no point in calling the phone number they didn't answer any of my calls during their listed business hours. At first I feel it wouldn't be fair to give them 1 star review because the product pricing was very competitive, and Daniel@buxnie did answer two of my e-mails the same day. But its been a month since I placed my order, they restocked my product 8 days ago, and I still wont receive my girlfriends christmas present until 1/17. They left me wondering what was going on for 7 days after calling and emailing which is unacceptable any way you cut it. I wrote an aggressive email giving them 48 hours to give me a status update or cancel my order. They provided the tracking information that same day. Two days pass and Daniel@buxnie sends a reply to my aggressive message of "Thank You!" which I feel is petty after everything they didn't for me and competently justifies this steaming hot pile of review. If I hadn't had your sarcastic thank you message in my inbox I would have just let it go. I wouldn't be surprised if more bot reviews are on the way after this is published. I just hope I don't have to return the item.

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