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Chitter Chatter

Great service! New phone and contract despite being 10 months before I was due an upgrade!

Sooo this is quite a long and complicated story. It started a few weeks ago when I was getting calls from chitter chatter telling me I was eligible for an upgrade (which obviously got me quite excited as I had an iPhone 4S with a screen buggered beyond recognition and was contemplating forking out £135 to get it repaired) but I vaguely remembered taking out the contract in winter 2011. So I call up tmobile and they tell me I'm not due an upgrade until FEBRUARY 2014... What?! I was on a 2 year contract, and what they failed to tell me when I changed ownership of my contract from a family member that the contract would start at another 24 months from time of exchanging ownership, meaning when I changed ownership in February last year, I wouldn't be eligible for a new phone until 2014. Absolute joke. Anyway, I called chatter chatter up to explain this and I spoke to Guy (who by the way is fab and I was lucky enough to deal with him from start to finish) he said he'd speak to tmobile and see what he could do as he reckoned he could get around the February 2014 contract end and possibly be bought out. Great. So he called me back shortly after and explained that I could buy myself out of the contract for £200 with a £40 contribution from chitter chatter if I brought out a new contract, resulting in a new iPhone 5 for free and my contract being £5 cheaper each month, which was fine by me as I was going to pay £130+ to get my old phone repaired anyway. I had a think about it and decided I'd like a cheaper tariff as I was previously paying £46 a month and wanted something cheaper. I found the £31 a month deal from chitter chatter to upgrade to an iPhone 5 for £15 and thought that would be ideal. So I spoke to Guy again and he said that if its a cheaper contract they could only offer £20 towards buy out fee, which I figured was fine as I would have a cheaper contract in the long run. So at this point it was all about to go through and guy said he'd call me back when it had been confirmed by tmobile. But then I get a call from Guy telling me that if I transfer to EE the £180 buy out fee will be cancelled and I would get a £31 a month contract and a new iPhone 5 for £70! Even better. My iPhone has just arrived after being redirected to my second home and I'm really pleased with the service and help that I received. Despite it being a complicated case to deal with Chitter Chatter were great and many thanks to Guy!



I placed an order over a week ago and I have heard nothing apart from a conformation email. I have emailed them and called them hundreds of times but can't get through so can't get a reply or explanation. I love shopping in Ark in Leeds & thought I'd try out the website as they didn't have certain things in the right size. Now I doubt they've even got it in stock. Its turned out to be a massive waste of time. Don't bother! Will avoid this company like the plague from now on.

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