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Mazuma Mobile


I am honestly shocked at this companys brilliant outstanding service i have sent many phones to mazuma this is now my 22nd phone i have sent to them they ain't all my phones they are all phones from my household and i have never ever had any problems what so ever i have made a total amount of £1102.02 out of these 22 phones and the phones have always taken no longer then 3 days to get their most of the time my phone has always got there the next day you can choose to have a free bag sent out to you or you can print your own free post lables out i choose the 2nd option so i could send my phones imeediaitely i have always been had excellent accseptible prices and the money is in your bank the same they get your phone a FPS account transfer you can choose to have argos vouchers account transfer or cheque their customer service is brilliant you can live chat them phone or email them they are friendly and helpfull they will help you with your sale there service could not be any better there is nothing they could do to improve it the only one suggestion for mazuma is if they accsepted PayPal as a form of payment !

I strongly recommend everyone to sell their phones here you cant go wrong
absolutley amazing :)

Bank Fashion

Violateing my rights

I ordered a jacket and a pair of shorts 3 weeks ago the order came to £110.00 and when i received it the items in the package where not mine there was a top in there worth £20.00 this is not what i ordered i suspect it was someone elses order mixed up with mine i imeediately reraped it and sent it back to them i put it in the post box i emailed them and waited 2 weeks for a reply and nothing so i decided to phone them and they kept saying i need to wait for the wrong item to be returned i was told to wait till friday then tuesday then thursday and nothing i was then told they would contact the werehouse and contact me back but they never did i called them again and they said they were looking into it and would call me back but again they never did so my messed up order never got back to them and they promised a refund if it didnt get back to them my a week ago but they now say they are not willing to issue a refund and they would have no liability for the lost messed up parcel THIS WAS THERE PROBLEM in the first place they sent me the wrong order its THEIR RESPONSIBILITY NOT MINE i emailed then yesterday and got a snotty reply insisting they would not refund me in this case i have now taken legal action DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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Terrible only offered a partral refund ?

Vevy awkward

I had a phone that i ordered in december 2010 around a year ago and the phone never arived i checked everywhere even went to delivery office checked with neighbours and also looked all around the front of my house in all safe places even unsafe placed were it could have possible been helf but never found it i contacted their customer service hundreds of times but never ever received a response from them they claimed that the contact details i had actually used where out of date what the heck it wasn't till 2 days ago a year latter till i found other contact details from them they i got a response from the they investigated it and said i could not have a refund but could have half of the purchase price refunded thats a scam and a rip off if they can refund hald of it then why can't they refund all of it they offered a half refund witch would be £25.00 instead of £50.00 witch i paid no infact i paid £59.00 they will not get away with this i will get my full £59.00 back i will be submiting a chargeback at the bank in the next 3 days if i do not get a full refund they even asked me for my account number and sort code to refund it why the actuall heck to they need these i totaly do not recommend this company i will remove this review if they refund me in fill i will contact law enforement and the bank in 3 days if i do not hear from them !!!

09 February 2012

Reply from

Dear Kieran
We're very to hear about your experience. In order to assist with your request for a refund, would you be able to email me at your order number (if you still have it), mobile phone number and address, confirming your name. We'll then investigate the matter and hopefully find a satisfactory resolution.
Kind regards


BRILLIANT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EXTEEMLEY FAST DELIVERY are a brilliant company they have 24/7 customer support they have a facebook ,Twitter page where you can contact them 24 hours a day 365 days a year includeing christmas day !! they will get right on the problem for you with out delay and do there absolute best to resolve it for you more importantly there clothing is completley up to date from todays fassion trends but do be warned they don't useualy restock items as they like to keep up with the lastest fashion so don't hope that items will be back in stock because they probably won't unless they get a return for your size there returns service is completley free they always provide a returns note on the invoice when you send items back at the post office only you get a tracking number so you can know its progress of if its there or not and your items get there fast and you get a refund/replacement confirmaition explaining all the returns information you can possibly need they have a huge selection of clothing they normaly aim there site at 16-32 year olds i would say ! :)


Brilliant customer service outstanding retailer !! :)


I don't know where to start here you always deliver on time everytime i have ordered from you over 120 times now and i still order from you almost every week i order quite a huge quantity of stuff from your site and you have never failed on me when ever i have had a damaged item or something not delivered you have always refunded/replaced the item right away with out delay you have never declianed to refund me for a item that has not come or has been damaged i once had a item that was damaged i contacted your live chat support team and you imeediantly send me out a replacement item with out even sending the broken item back first with the trust that ill return the other item to you witch i did or you recharge my credit card there have also been times where i have ordered on express delivery or first class delivery and you have always every time refunded my delivery charge sometimes without me even saying you always give your customers complete satisfaction evertime and never fail to do so your email customer support is extreemly fast i got a reply around 15 minnuits latter one time once i got a reply at 5am! items from you have always been vevy securley packed so they don't get damaged in transit i only have one recommendation and problem with amazon my recommendation is i think you should accsept PayPal on your site but there would be things that would have to be worked around also my only problem is that your payment authorization system is slow when you order the payment is not authorized right away like most sites it gets sent to the authorizations team pending for authorization think orders should be accsepted imeediantly like most sites as it annoys me when i place a order and get told 2 hours latter that its been decliand thats my only problem with amazon
I extreemly recommend Amazon to absolutley everyone they will not fail on you trust me !! :)




Well were do i start there items are of a top high quality never poor quality unlike some other companys they have a whole wide selection of cool products there prices are vevy reasonable and there returns service is fast simple and free and returns are trackable and not at a cost of your own i have only ever had one problem with a item for non delivery where a item was signed for in my name and it turnt out someone at my address has signed for it any never told me about it there were other problems witch i shall not go into detail but truffle phoned me and resolved and talked me throguh with this appropiatly and emailed me this is now the 6th time i have ordered and it shall not be the last the delivery is brilliant !! items always useualy get here the next day even when not selecting a faster option there customer service team are extreemly quick and get back to you within hours but they have propper cool stuff on there sight makeing another purchase soon totaly recomended !! :)

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