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Emirates airlines points shop

I had some points on my Emirates account and decided to put them into good use on their shopping website.

With a small number of points I was able to buy a quality product at a much reduced price.

The item was delivered from their warehouse in Europe. It was well packed and came with a tracking number.

I would certainly order again, but their selection is quite limited. Also, some products I would really like are only available with Emirates frequent flyer points, which I do not regularly get.


Good prices, customer service not impressive

I have ordered several items from this seller as their prices are very good and they offer free international shipping.

Delivery time to Europe is generally about a week. They use a cheap shipping option without any order tracking. Last time the delivery took oven one month. I wrote to them after over one month, this is their stock reply:

Thank you for your email and for ordering with FragranceX.com. Please note that your order shipped on June 25th by postal service airmail and is in transit.

Some shipments may be delayed by security in customs, and we apologize for this delay. Your package is on its way and will arrive soon; however, we do not have any tracking information. We appreciate your patience and look forward to serving you again soon.

I notice similar feedback from other European shoppers. With their cheap prices and free shipping, things go well most of the time. When things do go wrong, they are not very helpful.


Good selection, good promotions

I have ordered many times from this shop. They have good promotions, generally every month they do a -20% promotion. With a "friends and family" code you get at least 10% off every order. They recently retired their loyalty program, with a new one announced in the near future.

You get some samples with every order. Items are generally well packed, however I have received some leaking items.

As an international customer, I have noticed that their hand written customs declarations are often filled out incorrectly. The value on the declaration does not match the delivery papers, thus you may end up with some hassle with your customs. Especailly when they declare a higher value than what you actually paid. In Finland the customs calculate the taxes according to the order confirmation e-mail, so make sure you keep a copy.

In _Finland_ you dont have to pay the customs duty and tax if the fees are less than 10 €. Therefore I suggest making a small order during their 20% off promotion. Even with the 15$ shipping costs, you save on taxes and pay less than you would in Europe.


Amazon is the original

I am generally always very happy when ordering from Amazon.co.uk. For books it is often cheaper to order them from ther US site. They have recently started to sell a broader range of products to most European countries. I have noticed that some goods ship from Germany while others ship from the U.K. Goods shipped from Germany bear a tracking number and can be tracked on-line. Goods sent by Roayl Mail, however, do not have tracking information.

Many items featured on the Amazon site(s) are infact sold by Amazon partners. Partners have differing shipping policies and prices. Many items listed can be ordered from several different sellers. Prices may vary and policies most certainly do. It is difficult to compare these offerings. You have to put the item into the shopping basket and enter the checkout process to find our if the seller delivers to your country. If you order several items, each from a different seller, you might end up paying a lot of delivery charges. I use the filters to filter out the partner offerings and generally only look for items sold directly by Amazon herself.

I do wonder why this seller charges the higher Finnish VAT when ordering to Finland. I think they should be charging the U.K. VAT when selling within the European Community.


Fast, free delivery from Hong Kong, products are sometimes damaged

This seller has very good customer service, and fast shipping from their Hong Kong warehouse. Items are well packed and always arrive in good condition. They offer a progressive loyalty bonus; 1% off first, 2% off second order and so on.

The items are sometimes old stock. Be careful when ordering perishable items, such as creams. Personally, I have received some items that were off, so I am not so enthusiastic about ordering from them despite all the good thigs said above.


Fantastic service!

I have ordered two carpets from Carpetvista and they have exceeded my expectations in every way.
- The ordering process is very smooth, and you get e-mails every time your order status is updated. Even when you have signed on the UPS handheld. Shipping from their warehouse is almost immediate. I ordered on wednesday and received my rug the following day.
- I find the pictures and videos on their web page very informative.
- The rugs are very good quality and they have a huge selection. The web page user interface works very well; It is very easy to narrow your search if you know what you are looking for.

I am really impressed with this seller!


Worst shopping experience ever! They took my money and delivered a broken dining table!

I ordered a table from this seller. Item delivered was defective or damaged in transit.

AmbienteDirect has done nothing to settle this issue. I have paid over 600 EUR according to our contract. They do not deliver their part.

I received the order on 11 November, and reported the contents damaged on the same day. I received no response from the seller. I did phone them a couple of times. They always promised someone would call back, but no-one did.

Finally, on 20 November, I received a two line e-mail saying "DHL does not accept damage. We have to think what to do".

I asked them to arrange a pickup for the damaged item. Because there was no response from the seller, I decided to use my 14 day right to cancel the sale. E-mailed my cancellation to the seller. I received another two line e-mail the following day, saying "I am sorry, we cant accept the cancellation. You have signed for the package, we have to wait for DHL freight decissions".

I have not received any further emails from the company. Contrary to what they promise on their web page, they do not seem to have any insurance for the goods shipped from their warehouse. Instead, they make you as a buyer carry the risk. When things go wrong, they simply do not do anything.


I had to contact the European Consumer Centre to get help in getting my money back and to have Ambientedirect pick-up the item. Needless to say, I will never order anything from ambientedirect again. No-one should!!

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