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Incredibly poor customer service.

Signed a 12 month sim only deal online for iphone, received my sim a few days later but it wasn't a micro sim so I rang up the same day to request a micro sim (28th December 2011).

Was told it would take up to 14 days which I thought was strange but I accepted it.

14 days later I still have not had a sim card so I got in touch to query it and a customer service rep emailed me asking for confirmation if I wanted a sim (as if I wouldn't - how would I use my phone without one?)

The rep wasted a few days of my time then stopped emailing back, so I rang up - wasted another hour of my time demanding to cancel the contract as it had been nearly a month without a sim.

The iphone rep told me the best she could do was to credit me £20, and send me a sim which would take another 3-4 working days and I relented as I was at work and I did not wish to waste more time.

However, Orange have charged me £20.68 despite not having a sim card so the 'credit' does not even cover the first bill, yet the customer representative did not seem capable of comprehending that simple fact and kept telling me that I was being compensated.

The next day I finally received a sim and the dispatch note was dated 28th December 2011. I don't know what mail service Orange used but I don't know of any company that takes more than 20days from dispatch date.

Avoid this joke of a company at all costs. I will not be staying with them after my contract ends.

House of Baby

Cheap prices but horribly slow delivery.

Ordered a Stokke pram from them on 28th December as they were the cheapest price I could find online.

Received the Pram + Carrycot on 20th January and was told they were out of stock on the Parasol + Cupholder, and that they are getting stock in next Tuesday (31st January) and that I should get my item the following working day.

They have taken payment back in December yet I will not receive all the items in my order until February - given the choice again I think I would have chose a different company instead. It might cost a bit more but at least I wouldn't be waiting so long if I used a different company.


Horrible after service

Ordered a bed October received a bed in December as they managed to lose the order.

Bed they sent me developed a fault, so I contacted them to arrange a replacement on 14th January (legs on the support in the middle kept falling off), was told it would arrive the following Friday and that I had to disassemble the bed for them to pick up.

Come Friday, bed is disassembled and a whole day goes by and the bed doesn't arrive, I ring up and I'm told its the following Friday. So I have to put the bed back up and again today I disassemble the bed.

The bed still does not arrive so I ring back up again and I am told that the conversation never took place according to the notes and the earliest they can send me a bed is the 18th of February.

I told them that it was not good enough and I was then called back to say they can arrange something for this coming Friday and that someone would ring me to confirm this time prior to delivery. However, I still have to reassemble the bed again/disassemble again or face sleeping on the floor. Either way I'm on my own and I only have apologies from their customer service department, which does not do anything for the time I've wasted.


Poor poor poor customer service.

British Gas have emailed me in November and December demanding payment for an incorrect bill generated by their customer services getting my meter readings wrong.

On two separate occasions I have spoke to someone who has stated they will sort the problem out and I have subsequently found out twice that it has not been resolved.

Some of the customer service representatives simply parrot their response, I had used the supply and simply did not pay enough. They would not consider that it is practically impossible for a couple to use 6000 units of electricity in the space of 1 month, nor consider using the previous occupants end reading to compare to my start reading.

This issue is still ongoing and their customer service team have failed to resolve the issue, causing a waste of my time and unnecessary stress. Avoid this company at all costs.


Great service

Rang up and dealt with Dan Miner who was very helpful, and did everything possible to make sure my enquiry was dealt with as smoothly as possible. Where he did not know the answer, he sought assistance so that he could give me an accurate answer. Very impressed with the service received.



Poor customer service - avoid at all costs.

17 January 2012

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

I have just read your review.
I am sorry if you were not satisfied with our customer services.
We aim to provide the most efficient service to our customers at all times.
I invite you to contact me with your order details on emma@pixmania.com with your order details as I would be more than happy to help you.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator


Poor customer service and intermittent broadband

Home Broadband goes down from time to time which is annoying and customer service is rather poor.

Cancelled a mobile broadband contract back in August last year and every month since then I still receive a email saying I have a new bill. I have rang back September, October, November, December and now January. Each time I have to explain my situation to a different adviser, each time I am reassured it will be the last time I will get a email. Each month I carry on getting a email bill - amazingly poor service. Two emails to the complaints team have generated no replies.


Fast and efficient

Never had any problems when ordering from there and deliveries arrive quite quickly even on standard free delivery. Usually most competitive price wise and a good choice of items.


Amazingly poor service

Update: 2 weeks after returning the item into store I am still awaiting a refund. Was initially told it would take 7 days, when I rang up yesterday to find confirm, I was told it would take up to 14 days. Avoid this garbage company at all costs - 0 stars out of 5 and I sincerely regret ever using this company.

I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT off them as they had the best price out of the shops that I had heard of from the results of a Google search, it was out of stock at the time of order but I received a call within a few days to tell me that it was in stock and all seemed fine.

However, that was when my troubles began - first the member of staff who called and told me that my order would be dispatched within 1-3 working days was wrong, the item was out of stock and I would have to wait 1 more week. This I accepted as people can make errors.

When I received my item the following week, I noticed there were no security seals and it was obvious I was either sent a reconditioned item or a returned item. Either way I received a item that was not brand new.

I rang up the main customer support to explain what happened and the customer representative did not seem that surprised, she made no attempt to explain or apologize and simply explained that Fed Ex would be round the next day between the hours of 9-5 to collect the item and I would be sent a replacement when they had the item back in stock.

I waited all day at home and no courier ever came, I got in touch again with customer services and was simply told they would rearrange another courier, no apology.

I decided to return the offending item in store so that I would not have to potentially waste another day waiting at home, for someone else to not turn up. When returning the item in store again the member of staff did not seem surprised or offered an apology for the service (or lack of it) provided.

I was then told that the item would be picked up from the store on Tuesday (I returned it on Friday) and that I should receive a refund in 7 days time. I cannot believe that I have to wait so long for a refund, for something that I have returned to their store.

Am thoroughly disgusted with the exceptionally poor service at all stages and will never use this company again. Easily the worst retailer I have had the misfortune of dealing with, and would encourage all to avoid at all costs.

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