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Bellezo Ltd.

Excellent experience

I ordered a bottle of crazy colour hair dye from here, the cheapest I have found online or in the shops. I've used it before so can confirm it is an authentic product.
Postage was free and it arrived in a very reasonable time with a very clear, professional invoice. It was well packaged and their email communication was very good too.
I will definitely use again for future CC purchases and maybe more!

Another happy customer!

I ordered a Tigi conditioner and small bottle of Van Cleef and Arpels perfume, both well below the usual RRP, especially the conditioner. Both products I have had before from different stores so I can vouch for their authenticity.
Their site was very easy to use, attractive and had a big selection, but not so big that it becomes difficult to navigate! It is easily split up into product type and then brand/designer and is some cases, hair type etc and there is also a search function at the side to filter your search results. It is simple to use and the graphics and descriptions are clear and up to date.
I ordered on a Thursday, it was dispatched on Friday and I received my items on Tuesday which is pretty good going as the delivery was free and there may have been some postal delays because of the snow.
My items were well packaged and arrived safe and sealed in a box with the invoice.
I will definitely use this company again and would recommend it to others.


Prompt and courteous service, a delightful shopping experience!

I found this company through a google search, whilst looking for a specific bag.
I bought two 'Disaster Designs' items from them, at a very reasonable price, well below the RRP and the cheapest I've found anywhere. Upon close inspection I can verify that they are authentic products and as beautiful as expected!
My order arrived quickly, the communication from them was prompt and courteous and the goods arrived well packaged and beautifully presented inside, wrapped in pink tissue paper with flamingo stickers and a sealed envelope with invoice inside. (Well sometimes the little things count!) It was a treat to cheer myself up and the trimmings made it that little bit more special!
The website itself is very easy to navigate as it is divided into designer/brands and type of goods. Plus there is an easy search function and ordering was easy as they accept cards and paypal. Postage and packaging was only £3.50 which is very reasonable given that I ordered a large overnight bag and wallet. Postage is free for orders over £50.
There isn't a massive range of items but that is what gives it that authetic 'boutique' vibe. It makes it easier to browse through and choose unique goods instead of seeing loads of similar ones. There is also a big price range so it would be easy to find a small modest gift or splash out and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury!
I am delighted with this online purchase and would definitely recommend this site to others!


Cheapest for medicine

I have found Vet UK to be the vest value for high quality worming and flea products for cats.
They are very efficient with their communication, ensuring that you are aware of your delivery times and they even send updates to remind you to flea/worm your pet (you can of course opt out of this but I find it useful)
The one time an item was out of stock they politely informed me immediately and then dispatched it on the day that they received it, just a few days later.
The website is easy to use and they are very informative about the various treatments available etc.
I will continue to use this company.


Best online pet shop

I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to buy stuff for their pets, although personally I've only ever bought for cats.
They have a huge variety of stock for animals of all sizes, gimmicky and essential items. Their website is really easy to use and their prices are very reasonable.
I use it to bulk buy all my basics, litter, food etc but they also sell very reasonably priced toys, towers, beds etc. In terms of food hey have everything from the usual stuff that you can buy in the supermarket to the more expensive stuff that you usually have to buy from the vets or pet shop. They also do an excellent cheap version of 'Da Bird'. (best cat toy ever!)
I don't buy my flea/worming products from them as their range isn't great and I don't think they can sell the licensed stuff that you usually get from a vet, which I have found elsewhere. That is the only thing that prevents it from having 5 stars as it would be handy to be able to buy everything from one place.
The only problem I have ever had with them was with a rude Yodel delivery driver but you do have the option to use yodel or parcel force to deliver and as they are a separate company and everyone has the odd off day, so I have no problem awarding them 4 stars!
I like their variety, prices and they are very efficient, good with communication and delivery is always prompt.
They also tend to have great sales and reduced items and offers on all year round.


Good variety, great prices, very efficient company!

Overall I would recommend this company.
The website is easy to use, communication is good, range of products is very good, prices are excellent!
They sell tester bottles at a reduced price so you don't always get the fancy bottle or same lid but you still get the authentic product. I think this is great as many companies don't offer this service and you can always re use an old lid if you've owned it before!
I've bought 3 perfumes from there and have had no complaints in terms of quality of the perfume. My only minor problem was that one of the bottle lids was loose so it had caused minor leakage in the box. As it was for me it wasn't too much of a problem but it would have been a shame if it was for a gift. I chose to just keep it as it was and I wanted to use it straight away.
I just received my second order from them today and it was in much better condition.
I'd be very surprised to find out they weren't legit as the perfumes I've had have all been of excellent quality, long lasting and haven't caused any skin complaints etc.and they've been operating for a good few years now.
I will gladly use again! Much cheaper than the local shops and fast delivery.


Unprofessional, incompetent, rude

I purchased a cable which I paid over the odds for in order to get the free software that was advertised as I could not source the software online.
Firstly they sent the cable but not the software. Then when I enquired about it, after him being rude and huffing because I emailed them and then phoned them to ensure it was received, he sent me a dead link to the phones website. I had already checked everywhere online and tried downloading various things but to no avail.
So then he sent me a CD Rom, which was suitable for every phone brand but my own. So I asked for a refund and he sent me yet another link, to a dodgy download site (which I had already tried but which did not work)
They said he would refund me but not the for the postage. I argued that the goods they had supplied were not fit for purpose or usable and that they had falsely advertised them so they should be responsible for the postage. Well that sent the guy off into a tirade of how its not their fault I can't use it properly and when I suggested that they change the wording on their website in relation to that product he was furious.
It was mildly entertaining but incredibly unprofessional and by the end of it I decided to keep the product to sell it on as the unstable person clearly could not be trusted to refund me and I would have had to send it back recorded delivery as they cannot be trusted, costing me yet more money.
A costly mistake, certainly would not recommend this site to any one and am quite concerned that the chap is allowed to work with the public. Avoid at all costs.


Unprofessional, cheap products, dishonest, cowboys!

My Bed took 6 days to arrive, despite the 'next day delivery' which they then said would be 1-2 days. I had to phone them every day to chase it up. So it wasn't off to a good start. Of course they blamed the delivery company they use and said it was out of their hands. They offered very little in the way of an apology or solution.
I was poor so I had to get a cheap bed frame.
It lasted less than 12 weeks but was problematic from the start and kept falling apart.
I asked for a refund or an exchange and after 4 weeks back and forth they offered to send replacement parts.
They sent a single modified plank of wood, clearly poorly made by them, to remedy the situation and an envelope with a photocopy of hand drawn instructions of how to fix it to the bed frame. But they did not send a replacement of all the relevant broken parts (of which there were several)so the bed was still unusable. I got back in touch and eventually about a week later they sent the replacement parts.
Their communication was terrible, they took 4 weeks to get back to me originally, during which time I had to borrow money to get a second hand bed frame. They made me jump through hoops and wait ages to get a replacement and then sent the joke of a plank of wood and a scribble.
If I would give them no stars I would! This has been the worst shopping experience of my life. Terrible customer service, appalling communication, awful product and their whole service is a complete joke.
Judging by the other reviews I'm guessing they rely on giving people the run around and getting so frustrated with them that they give up on trying to obtain the refunds/goods that they are entitled to. They also rely on some people only being able to afford cheap stuff so they can justify panning them off with poorly made, unusable and unsafe products.
Avoid at all costs!

Incense Man (Incense Online Ltd)

Simple, smooth and smokin'!

The website is a little basic but it's really easy to use, the pictures and descriptions are clear, it's divided into appropriate sections and I love the general tone and atmosphere! Its full of interesting and helpful advice and info about incense (uses and types etc) and they have a great selection of incense, oils, burners and funky tshirts etc.
I got some excellent bargains in their reduced section (although everything was reasonably priced) and the delivery was quick and efficient and it was well wrapped so nothing was damaged (despite the flimsy nature of incense sticks!)
As I ordered quite a lot from them they ran out of one of the items but they contacted me and refunded me for that immediately. (I personally paid with paypal)
I now get their newsletter which is friendly and fascinating.
I would definitely recommend them to others and use them again. They are friendly, efficient, helpful and have plenty of variety in stock. Their prices are excellent and I'd much rather buy from a small business with a personal service like theirs than some big company.

Save on Laptops

Good value products if you know what you're looking for

Lost 1 star as the website was a little tedious to use and the women from the customer service department wasn't particularly friendly.
I received an email saying there was a problem with my order and when I phoned them I got put straight on hold without anything to indicate that I had got through to the right number/company and it took 5 minutes to get through so I was beginning to think it was a scam! Apart from that everything went smoothly (they had to do a security check because my delivery address differed from my billing address) and to be fair they were very efficient in dealing with the issue and it was straight after xmas so Im not surprised the staff weren't overwhelmed with joy.
Overall I'm happy with my purchase and the service they provided. Their communication was swift and efficient.
It arrived very quickly and it was great value for money which is what led me to them in the first place. I'd definitely encourage others to use this service but like most tech providers they do try to get more off you with their suggested 'add ons' at the checkout so you have to be a bit savvy and know exactly what your requirements are in advance.
*update* As others have stated, there is no option to change your billing address on the website so as I signed is as a registered user there was a delay with my 2nd order as they do not like sending items to an address which is different from the billing address. I understand it but it's a bit tedious to have to phone up and change it again (they wouldn't do it by email) and it slowed up the delivery. Having said that they did contact me about the delay pretty much immediately, I just wasn't in a position to deal with it at that time. Still, great prices and speedy enough.

Great value, fast service

I've ordered a lot from NPS and my orders have always arrived in a timely manner, They do some great products that you can't seem to find elsewhere and they are cheap, especially good value when you bulk buy or buying medicines.
Postage and packaging is very reasonable and I find their site very user friendly and I love all the authentic product reviews from people who are passionate about their pets!
The one problem I had was that I ordered a tag with an engraving on it and they missed out the last digit. At the time it was easier for me just to pop in to the local engravers than send it back and get it changed but I suppose that's the risk you take when ordering something personalised online! (I checked and it definitely wasn't an error on my part)
Overall I'm very pleased with the service they provide!

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