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Buying experience was perfect as it should be but other than that a week is not long enough to fairly appraise the goods. As Bryan Adams once sang; So Far So Good.

Safercigs Ltd


Never mind bloody reviews. You've not long had a heart attack so go home and take it easy. Anyway, what can you say about Safercigs that hasn't already been said. Phoned up middayish, put my order in with young Gladys (after winding her up rotten) and received it am next day. Can't get better than that. Cheers Daz.

The end.


I was disappointed

after I had returned a GSV DCA 306 that apart from having a wrong size upper also would not work as specified in the GSV tutorial video. I.e. close to 1.5mm in order to make it adjustable. I informed [Name] of this and even sent them the link to the video. Sadly, the unit was returned to me exactly how I had returned it to them, rendering it quite useless as the best gap between the upper and lower was 4mm snug and 3mm if I overtightened it. Not the customer service I had expected.

That's the cost of the DCA and the accompanying Vapemate wasted, an outlay I can ill afford. I have now ventured into RBA's in my quest to obtain a half decent vape but it means my custom has gone elsewhere.

15 June 2013

Reply from

Hi Allen,
We're very sorry that you're still not happy despite having made our best efforts to help you with your issues.
As you well know, we did not simply return what you sent us, we tested all parts of the kit, and replaced two of the upper parts for you, and sent you a further two new atomisers. We tested the three uppers (your original and the two replacements) with the atomiser you returned to ensure one of them was a perfect fit with that atomiser.
As explained on the site, and by ourselves, and indeed by the manufacturer when you contacted them directly, all 306 atomisers vary wildly in their spec, even ones from the same pack, which is why we supply the DCA with three different uppers. It is entirely normal to have a gap of up to about 4mm when you put the upper on the atomiser, and as again advised to you, you should screw the atomiser within its best fit upper into the lower, BEFORE applying it to your mod - if you screw the lower to your mod, and then attempt to screw the upper in, the centre pole in the lower will not allow proper positioning of the upper. We did our best to explain, we replaced two of your original parts, and sent replacement atomisers free of charge, and you never got back in touch with us before posting this untruthful review.
The expense hasn't been wasted, the device is completely usable, if you had contacted us again before posting this review, we may have been able to try and explain things in a different way so that you could get the best out of it, but as it is, you've obviously made your mind up.
We responded in a timely manner to your original complaint, replaced the faulty part, and provided more parts to ensure your kit was top notch and as a goodwill gesture. We fail to see what better customer service we could have provided in your case.


Accrington Stanley for the cup!!

Well it did say write a catchy header to make it stand out. Anyway, before purchasing I spoke to a member of staff seeking advice. He was extremely helpful and I subsequently received my goods the next working day. Plugged them in and I was up and running. You cannot ask for anything more. Thank you Lindy.


As smooth as a baby's bum

Ordered, delivered on time and it works as described. Can't ask for more.

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