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They say they "can't" and they mean "won't"

I tried to return a birthday present I'd bought online about an hour after I bought it, as I realized I'd failed to take advantage of an offer. They refused to cancel it, said they could not do it, they could only put in a "request" to cancel. Not only that, but they HAVE NO IDEA when they can tell if if it's canceled or not. Bull. They can process an order within minutes, but they can't cancel it within minutes, and in fact "have no idea" if it will be DAYS before they can tell you it's canceled? And get this: I wanted to cancel so I could go online and make a LARGER purchase! Now I can't buy a LARGER birthday present for this person because I don't know if the first one was canceled or not!!! When they say they "can't," they mean "won't." They need some serious customer-friendly competition to make them realize what they can or can't do. I would NEVER use them again.

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