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Terrible, can't deliver magazines, won't refund.

I started a subscription four months ago and they've never been able to correctly deliver the magazine Good Housekeeping.

At first they were delivering it to an incorrect address, for the first 3 months I contacted them each time to change the address they had on file. They assured me it had changed but then sent it to the wrong address each time.

The forth issue wasn't sent at all! They assured me they'd send me out a replacement issue as a priority. It never arrived and when I followed it up they said they'd ran out. They've refused to refund or cancel my subscription and said it not their policy to refund and quoted the contract to me, despite them not delivering the magazine correctly on any occasion.

Terrible service, couldn't possibly be any worse, it's a magazine subscription and they're not delivering it. How hard can it be? Their customer service are friendly, but offer empty words as the things they promise they've fixed remain broken.

They've took my money, failed to provide the service, and refuse to refund.


worst customer service ever.

I've finally cancelled with talktalk after 4 years of poor, unreliable service.

On their 'upto 8mb' broadband package they kept telling me they were providing 5mb to my property, but I experienced typically 2-3mb with this dropping to 1mb around peak times 5-10pm. I got all the usual excuses about wifi is slower than a direct connection, but even wired in my speeds were the same. I can set my mobile phone up as a 3G wireless hotspot and achieve much better results.

When it came time to cancel I received the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I called in, spoke to someone and told them I wanted to close my account, they put me on hold for 15mins then cut me off. I tweeted this at which @talktalkcare picked it up and scheduled a call from a customer services manager for 2pm. They never called.

I called again, got passed to different departments 4 times, put on hold for another 15mins and then cut off. They passed me back and forth between the cancellations team and the home-movers team, it seems neither team wanted my cancellation on their record. Both departments felt like outsourced call centres where I struggled to communicate with the operators in English, they could only read scripts off the screen not help nor relate to my issues.

I called back and had a very difficult conversation with someone in the home-movers team who finally agreed to cancel my account, his English was poor and he didn't understand the questions I asked him, often contradicting himself. I got my request in to cancel my account.

Someone tried to call me at 8am Sunday morning and left me an answer phone message. I would class this as un-sociable hours. A customer services 'manager' called me today to resolve my complaint, again he was out of the country and reading a script in a monotone voice without pausing. He confirmed my account was scheduled to be cancelled and didn't want to listen to my experience at all, he said "I just needed to call you so I can close the ticket on the system".

So yes they may be the cheapest provider in the UK, but they've provided me with a patchy, slow, un-reliable internet connection and terrible customer service.

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slow dispatch and unresponsive customer customer service.

I recently ordered a new Xbox game Tomb Raider as they were cheaper than other retailers by £2, but it turns out ordering with Zavvi was a mistake.

Over 24hrs later I logged in to find my order still 'processing' and not dispatched. This is incredibly frustrating, when you order a new game waiting for the post is bad enough but adding on extra days because of a slow retailer is unacceptable. Fearful the game wouldn't arrive in time for the weekend I clicked 'cancel order' and gave them my reason, but still I got no response.

So I tweeted them to confirm the cancellation so I could go and buy the game from a local retailer instead. Over 24hrs later I got a tweet back saying they hadn't cancelled the order and ignoring my request they'd charged me and dispatched it regardless.

Now its the weekend and my game hasn't arrived. I regret ordering with Zavvi and which I'd gone to Tesco and paid the extra £2. I suppose if you just want the cheapest option, don't need your item in a timely fashion and don't require customer service, then Zavvi might be ok. But in today's competitive market I find this level of service unacceptable. By ignoring my cancel request and dispatching the game late, they may have secured their sale, but they've lost all future business from me.

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great service, fast and at a good price.

I was very happy with my purchase and would buy again. My only negative thoughts are, I found the website clumsy and crowded with too much information, and the product was strangely packaged - taped up in an old box (from another product). It served the purpose, but lacked professionalism.

Hidden PayPal charge, slow delivery.

When placing my order I chose to pay via PayPal, I was shocked that when i completed the payment, that they'd included a 10% fee as a transaction charge!? Never had this before with any other website. :(

I ordered before the time ran out for next day delivery (15mins to spare) and paid the £3.95 for next day, the confirmation email confirmed that it'd be delivered the following day, but it took two days to arrive (via DPD).

Only other slight niggle is that they don't include a scoop, it does state this wont be included and I guess helps them cut the cost a little bit more, but was a bit cheap I thought and as it was my first order, not very helpful.

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