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They don't want your custom - so don't give it to them!

I went to Comet to find an item, found it with no problem, the price was reasonable so I took it to the checkout. No worries so far.

However, there was only one checkout open. Again, not the end of the World. Noone likes waiting but you can deal with it.
What really irked me though was that while I was waiting, sales advisors kept taking people from around the store straight to the checkout and opening tills for them, while I was still standing there waiting to be served, holding the item that I had bothered to seek out and bring to the checkout myself.

This is a store where you are penalised for doing anything for yourself, presumably because sales advisors cannot claim commission that way.

I made a complaint about this and the customer service agent refused to deny that the best strategy to skip the queue in Comet is to wait away from the queue and hope that an advisor will open a till for you, sadly though this is what happens.

The complaints process is also shrouded in mystery, they refuse to put you in touch with the store itself and their idea of closing a complaint is to tell you that 'this has been dealt with internally. We will not communicate with you any further over this'.

My advice to anyone would be to leave the rude, money grabbing and amateurish Comet well alone and find an alternative. I wish I had.

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