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Rubbish, can't deliver when they promise

This is the first and last time I will use moonpig as they spend so much on advertising to get you to order then can't actually fulfil all there orders and let you know at 1330 on valentines day, when will large companies work out that if they take an order people are relying on them to deliver, I'm going back to using my more expensive but reliable local florist next year.


Awful Customer service Avoid at all cost

I order 3 different products, one of which i have now been told comes direct from producer (which isnt detailed on their website) and comes via a different courior who leave your products in a vulnrable location, so im told, if you are not home, rather than reading the note thats left asking them to ring or leave next door, Then wonder why things go missing.

Second items sent via royal mail and never turned up, when contact was made to the company i had very unhelpful staff and accused of being abusive when all im doing is trying to find out why they take my money and then dont which to sort out problems.

Manager and Owner VERY uneducated and probably doesn't understand the term 'Customer Service' and you wonder why the staff are also the way they are.

In Short AVOID this company at all costs they are not nice to deal with.

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Wareham, United Kingdom