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Petrol is always the cheapest around

But their 10% better price than everyone else is a lie as whenever I go in its the same price as it is at tesco etc, who can really be bothered doing the whole claim it back. JUST MAKE IT CHEAPER IN THE FIRST PLACE


King of search

Not one search engine has anything on google, always brings the results I want. They aren't just great at that I love their android software which just beats the iOS to a pulp! My favourite thing they do which I couldn't go without is the free google maps navigation! Just amazing. Top company


One bad experience ruined it for me

Ebay is great, sell anything and find cheap bargains that you can't find anywhere else!

But back in 2009 I sold a netbook on there and got completely screwed by ebay and paypal! Fact is ebay always sides with the buyer what ever the case. The winning bidder had no history of buying before, I contacted ebay and they said go for it as everyone has to start somewhere and I would be covered if I did everything by the book which I did. Everything went fine and paypal said they had a verified address etc.

2months later I get a email from paypal saying the card used was stolen and I had to prove I had nothing to do with it. Lets just say I had everything but paypal threatened to take me to court etc and I ended up having to pay back the £130 and never got the netbook back....

I was angry for years but recently started buying via ebay again as the bargains are great. But I would never ever sell through them again or use paypal the "safe way to pay" hahaha yeh right!!! All about gumtree for selling your items local, free of charge, also preloved is pretty good too.

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Very rare that theres a good prize now

When it first started out yes the prizes went really quick, but at least you could use your points to get something. I drink coke, its all I drink, so I amounted around 1300points and what did they go and do, got rid of the buying and brought in prizes?!?! I held onto the points in case something came up which just never happened. Replaced with this prize draw thing that just wastes your points and makes you not want to bother taking part...

The reason I give the site 2 stars is because I did get hold of a t3 6month subscription and a free glee dvd for my girlfirend recently. Seriously bring back the mega point buying scheme please!!! P.S barely anyone really gives a crap about the Olympics so drop that lol

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