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Used to be good.

I used to buy my games and DVD's from Tesco entertainment until they tried to rip me off. I recently pre-ordered a game for the PS3 platform however they changed it to x-box as they realized that the price they sold for it for was probably too low compared to others and knew that If they changed my order I would cancel It as it's not the one I would want, even though i am highly certain that when I ordered the game, it was for PS3. So I contacted customer service which took about 4-5 days to get a reply from and all I got from them was "We cannot change the order made" which I think was outrageous and bulls**t. They also said "Should you order from us again" Pshhh no thanks tesco. I trusted this company but it seems it's just another let down in my opinion. I got the game for £35 on pre-order and now I have to pay an extra £15 because of Tesco? No thanks!

Great Website! I have ordered from several times and they are never a let down. Dispatch and delivery time is extremely fast and Customer service is excellent and very professional. Always browsing the website to see the hottest deals they have. By far the best online selling website!.



This website doesn't even deserve 1 star at all. Dispatch is fast however the delivery is extremely slow. I am a new customer and I am shocked to have to wait for more than a week now and my item has still not arrived. I thought it would be a good website as a few friends recommended me to try it out however, I will never buy from this website again! VERY FRUSTRATING and by looks at the reviews below i believe many people would agree.

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Who cares if you don't agree with my review? ITS MINE!. :3