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Accessory warranty

I purchased a Henry Extra in June 2013. The machine works great, but I have had a problem with the accessories. The main black plastic nozzle on the end of the flexi hose will not retain the chrome plated fittings properly. As you vacuum the floor the chrome tube slips out of the plastic nozzle. Pushing the fitting in harder does not help. It is one of those things, you put up with it for so long, before deciding to contact the makers (Numatic). Their reply was, 'the vacuum is covered under warranty for two years, but the accessories only six months. Sorry there is nothing we can do'.
I recon' it is a design fault, but was told they have not had any other people complaining.
If you buy one of these, and have trouble with your accessories, make sure you contact them within the six months.
Shame I will have to now buy another vacuum cleaner I can use. My last cleaner worked without a problem for around 20 years, so, shame on you Numatic.

Bewiser Insurance

Be careful

My wife took out car insurance with this company. I asked her whether she had checked on the internet for any comments. MoneySupermarket came up with plenty of adverse comments.
She does not have any NCD to put on her insurance, as she has always been on my policy. When the Insurance Declaration came through for her to sign, she noticed that Be Wiser had stated she had 9 years NCB, same as they had written on other peoples policies.
Now, when taking out the Policy, Be Wiser could not have been more efficient, but when my wife contacted them regarding the NCB mistake, BE Wiser seemed to have vanished off the planet.
You can of course contact them by phone, at extortionate rates, so my wife sent emails, emails and more emails. Not one reply.
My wife contacted her credit card company and asked them to stop payment, which they eventually managed to do.
Then the emails started to arrive from Be Wiser saying that my wife owed money as she was still insured. These went on for a few weeks, even though my wife had cancelled within two days.
the problem is sorted now, but the best way to avoid problems with Be Wiser, is to look elsewhere for your Insurance cover.

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12 March 2014

Reply from Bewiser Insurance

My name is Rohan I am a Customer Relations consultant. I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with us and would welcome the opportunity to look into your concerns further. Therefore, please contact me by email, and I will be happy to help.


Very good service

GfG were the only store to have the item I wanted, for my wife's birthday, in stock. Time was running out with weekend arriving. I ordered, hoping the Standard mail service would be adequate, and the jacket arrived two days later. She really loves it, so I got some 'Brownie Points'.
I would certainly buy from Gear for Girls again, thanks.


Expensive or con?

I was looking to purchase a laptop for a friend of mine who knows nothing about computers. I found one on a competitors site, but thought I would look on Comets site, then she could go see it in the flesh.
The laptop in Comet cost £599.99, I bought it from the competitor for £299.96.
Either Comet are over pricing, or they have put the high price on so that they can say, at a later date, they are selling it for £299.99 in a half price offer.
The retail price quoted by the competitor was £359.00, so even that is someway off the £599.99 (£600)


Great Service

I ordered four tyres from a Tyretraders in the West Midlands at 16.45hrs on the 16th January 2012, and they arrived at my home in N.Yorkshire at 09.30 the morning after.
Great service, thank you.

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