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after reading all reveiws i still decided to buy a samsung galaxy w from there ebay store. I called to check they had the stock in and they seemed very helpful and told me my order would be dispatched that day (friday) so monday came around and i was very excited about getting my new phone, i called the company just to check on my order to find that they hadnt dispatched it yet , but they were defanatly dispaching it today (monday) and i would recieve it Tuesday, so again very excited ive sat most of the day waiting, Having a bad feeling about this company i decided to call and check, to find out they havent dispatched the phone and now they r saying that there is a problem with the stock and they r opening all the boxes of phones to check them, they dont know when they will have another delivery or when they can send me a phone (sounds pretty dodgy to me, Opening all the phones, thought they had to be sealed when u recieved them.) I had no communication to tell me of the problems, surely good customer service would have been to tell me on friday when they didnt dispach the phone when they said they would.

Only good thing was they gave me a full refund after i cancelled my order with in 10 mins.

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