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Wex Photographic

WEX do it for me in being treated as a valued customer.

I've purchased a few items through importers from Hong Kong, one of them went OK one took weeks and the other was a disaster. WEX have without doubt superseded any other online camera dealer for service I have ever dealt with. Value is not all about cost it is about customer care and confidence in the supplier and WEX, for me, tick all the boxes.


Can Trustpilot be Trusted

I emailed Trustpiolot several days ago asking them how rigorous their procedures are in validating reviewers and to date I have not had a response. My gut tells me Trustpilot cannot be trusted. I have selected several "Good Reviewers" asking if they wrote their review, I'll let you all know what the responses are. Strange this is the second time I've written this I was timed out before, why would I be timed out?????

08 August 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Fraser,

Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your opinions. I'm sorry to hear you encountered an error the first time you tried to post your review, however I'm glad to see the issue is resolved and you have been able to post. Should you encounter any problems with our site in the future, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at for assistance.

Making sure that consumers can trust the reviews they read is very important to us, therefore we allocate a lot of resources to this area. In particular we have a dedicated team that works hard to fight against abuse of our system. We also have lots of processes running that constantly scan for suspicious reviews based on a vast number of parameters.

I can see you have now received a response to your email query. If you have any further questions please feel free to reply to my colleague.

Thanks again for getting in touch and being an active user of Trustpilot. I look forward to seeing even more reviews from you in the future.

Best Regards,


This is by far the WORST ON LINE TRADER I have ever dealt with to the point I have cancelled my order. Their web site states 2-5 days to process refunds, their response states 4-8 days. This is absolutely typical of Value Basket, order and money were received and 9 days later it was still being processed, it had not even left their warehouse, almost three weeks later their update was it would be processed next week.

Value Basket cannot be trusted to deliver goods or refunds on time.

We typically take 2-5 days to process refunds. Depending on how you paid for your original order, we always return the funds to the credit card that you paid your order with. Unfortunately the bank might take another 2-3 days to process the refund, so we advise that you allow 7 days for the sum to appear in your account.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve decided to cancel your order, however I can confirm that this has been done.
Refunds typically take 4-8 business days to process from our end, depending on how you paid for your original order (we always credit back to the same credit card that you used for payment). Unfortunately it can sometimes take another 2-3 days for your bank to process the refund, so we advise that you allow 10 days for the funds to be seen in your account.
The good news though is that we’ll send you an email to confirm when the refund has been completed.


17 hours ago
Dear Fraser,

My sincere apologies for the delay in refunding your order. I have escalated your refund to high priority and I am confident it will be refunded very shortly. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as it is completed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally CONTACT WHO PERSONALLY?????????? if you have any other queries.

Best regards,

Sincere apologies are the mantra of value basket, they fail to deliver and offer apologies. Would it not be so much better if they learned from their mistakes and just package and send items ordered, there are so many online traders that can achieve good relations with their customers but Value Basket are not one of them.

Everyone note how Value Basket do not give out deadlines they continually say things like "I am confident it will be refunded very shortly" what exactly does this mean, VERY SHORTLY? is that today, tomorrow, next week? why is it so hard to be specific, they could have said "Your refund will be processed later today and should be back in your account tomorrow" this is a credit card transaction, if I were in a high street shop it would be refunded immediately.

Got my refund BUT how easy would it have been to just send out the lens and filter and none of this "BAD TASTE" would be left in my mouth. VALUE BASKET REMAINS A TERRIBLE ONLINE TRADER. Low prices are not everything you have to be confident you are going to get what you paid for within the timescales contracted for or at the very least be kept informed, things happen but not knowing is hard to deal with. I really do not think Value Basket will ever learn and predict their constant bad reviews will eventually put them out of business. Amazon, eGlobal and many other online traders can deliver but VALUE BASKET just cannot.

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07 August 2013

Reply from

Dear Fraser,

My sincere apologies for the delay in refunding your order. I have escalated your refund to high priority and I am confident it will be refunded very shortly. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as it is completed.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any other queries.

Best regards,


Hi Frasar,

I can confirm that your payment was refunded on 2 Aug. Kindly allow a few days for the amount to credit back to your account. It can take up to 2-3 business days for Master and Visa cards to put through the funds.

Best regards,

Great prices and service.

I save significant costs on my prescription dog food. For e.g 24 cans from vet £53 from medicanimal £39 and delivered to my front door.


Otstanding Service

Best online service ever.

Digital Direct Security

Pre Order Information, Purchase and Delivery Exceptional

I had several emails with David in an effort to determine best product for my use, this was an easy process handled completely through email correspondance. Once selected I paid for purchase over telephone and the set of cameras etc were in my home the next day. Taking everything into account I would rate this service as exceptional and will have no concerns over recommending Digital Direct Security to anyone..

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I work in Quality Assurance and do not stand for bad service or poor workmanship.