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great deal better than online

I have been looking for a camera recently and was about to order from Amazon who are usually my choice.
The camera is £399 on Amazon but I happened to see it in my local Comet for £379 and it also came with a free case plus a free 8GB SD card.
It's not often that a local store can beat Amazon.


absolute SH*TE

Yes I also am having a bad time with Tomson Direct and I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased from them.
It seems to me that they have been trading for at least 3 months (today = 7th Feb 2012) and I can't understand why they are allowed to continue robbing people. (Probably £100's every day)

Does anyone here know when PayPal were first aware of them?
I have raised a complaint with PayPal but surely if they knew about this company and they should not be using more peoples money to buy goods from them.
PayPal must have some obligation here.
Just been notified by PayPal that they have decided in favour for my case and have recovered all my money. (15th Feb 2012)
I know you hear some bad stuff about PayPal but in this case they have done the right thing. I presume they recovered the money from Tomson.
Thank you PayPal and in future I intend to be a lot more careful with any purchases on line.

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