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Very fast at uploading shows.


Ever such quick delivery

Always impressed with the service from Amazon. Even if you use their free delivery service (which they put at 3-5 working days), it often arrives sooner.

Groupon UK


Like so many others on here, ordered the bean bag through Groupon on 3rd November for a Christmas present. Nothing's arrived. I managed to get through to someone before Christmas, who told me they'd been inundated with orders - 50,000 they said - and that it'd be here as soon as possible. Groupon advised me I could have a refund, if I have confirmation from Infurn that my order's been cancelled - which I clearly can't get as they are now impossible to get hold of! Argh!! Even their website isn't opening today. Terrible company, do not use.

P.s. - please get in touch if you are from Cambridgeshire and have this problem... I'm a journalist there and keen on looking into this story.

Exciting update(!): Received a phone call from Infurn today. The beanbag is apparently stuck in Germany - passing the blame onto DHL - but will be delivered by next Friday. Said sorry about 15 times, and offered me a voucher. Which, unsurprisingly, was easy to decline.

THE BEANBAG HAS ARRIVED. And was it worth the wait....



Absolutely not. Material is about as comfy to lie on as a tent floor sheet. Beads are teeny tiny polystyrene balls (I know this, because half of them were stuck to the outside of the bag. Just finished hoovering it.) which are all clumped together, rather than evenly spread and comfy like bean bags... I don't know how this really can be called a beanbag. It's as enticing as a wooden plank to lay on. What a complete and utter disappointment.

Has anyone else received theirs?

Also - amazingly - Groupon's offer yesterday was for a giant bean bag - another company, same price. Sigh.

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