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echo in the call

When calling on landline. The other line always hears an echo. I use headphones and I hear everything fine, but for the one I´m calling it´s very annoying.


way too slow

It takes AGES to load a page!



let´s be honest, google is integrated in our lives and I love ebing able to search for anything - AND most properly find it. That´s great! you can prepare vacations and already know everything about the local restaurants of the place you wnat to go before hand. But please, please take our privacy serious!


always trying to sell sth

hi there, I´m with vodafone in Spain. I pay 8 Euros per month plu 8 cents for each message or call. This is okay because at least´s it's not a binding contract and I can cancel whenever I want. What I hate is that they´re always calling to sell me more, or to get me on a real contract. And they don´t respect the hours, even call late at night.


Great: learning with native speakers

I´m a Premium Member and I learn French and Spanish on Busuu. The voice recording exercises (Premium Function) are great to work on your pronunciation, especially if you´re (like me) a bit shy about talking in the language you´re learning. You can record your voice and then send it to native speakers from the community who give you tips on your pronunciation. Those who are already up for more can use the chat and practise directly with natives. The chat is also included in the free version. I give 5 out of 5 because with Busuu I learn with people from all around the world. It´s so important to be in touch with native speakers when learning a language.

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