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Great company

My business has been using Soho66 for nearly 2 years now. The system works great, we have offices in 2 locations in the UK & transfering calls between the 2 is straight forward. We have had a few technical issues, nothing to do with Soho 66 & when we approached them for help they were more than happy to assist & get us back up working. Pricing is great & the call is always nice & clear. Never had the drop outs we used to get from Skype. I would have not hesitation in recommending this company.


poor customer service due to internal communication

After receiving an email at 1pm in the afternoon I was called a few hrs later from the delivery driver saying he would be there in 30mins to drop off my bathroom suite. Like most people I was at work so this was not suitable. As per their terms/despatch email it states you are contacted via phone to arrange a time for delivery which they had not done.. I contacted their customer services department at 8.30am the following morning who insisted they had delivered my bathroom suite. I explained what had happened & an error had occured as I had not received my goods so wanted to arrange a suitable delivery date. I was promised a call the same day but this never happened. I called them for 4 days & no one new what was going on or returned my calls & insisted my goods had been delivered. Everytime I asked for who had signed for the goods they could not provide me with this information. After numreous attempts I was never able to speak with a senior manager. Finally I had a breakthrough & was able to get feedback from a manager (though they would not talk to me in person) This manager had a different story to everyone else & stated they had attempted delivery after I had agreed a date with them via phone so I had to pay another delivery charge. I was outraged by this so informed them I would take matters further as after being subjected to poor customer service then being called a lair enough was enough. Then 30mins later I receive a call saying they had made a mistake & would arrange a date to get my goods delivered. I have never found a company so disorganised & difficult to deal with.

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