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Fast, (often) free delivery & price matching

I use this company regularly and find them really good. A few issues that I have experienced in the past seem to have all been sorted out by their new website, such as seeing when something is out of stock before you order.

They despatch quickly, give fast responses to queries and have an informative website which includes them being able to answer frequent FAQs about the products they sell.

The price-matching is useful too. It saves ordering via a few companies when trying to get the best deal on all of the supplies that us cake makers use regularly.

Sport and Leisure UK

Slow, dreadful service from people who couldn't care less about you once they've got your money.

My item was NOT despatched within the 24 hours advertised on their website.
My despatch note came 48 hours after from a company I'd never heard of, who didn't say what they were despatching, so I had to email them to verify.
The treadmill actually took exactly one whole week to arrive (the delivery driver refused to drive his van up our driveway, despite us telling him that we moved in just over month ago with a far bigger removal truck. So this left the driver, my husband and I lugging the treadmill the extra distance as a result. I will fairly point out this isn't Sport and Leisure's fault, because the courier wasn't their own)
The treadmill arrived and was faulty, in the sense that it does not work at all. The poor instructions included gave no hint to this really, asking you to run a self-test but not giving any information on how long that would take or any clue as to what the numbers that flash up on the screen meant.
Sport and Leisure took a day to problem-shoot the fault and said that is was due to a faulty circuit board.
Sport and Leisure asked if we'd mind changing the circuit board ourselves!! (we actually said yes though, as treadmills aren't the lightest things to lug around i.e. if returning and ordering a replacement)
Sport and Leisure sent a despatch note for a replacement another whole day after telling us it was the circuit board at fault, but then called that evening, (after close of business) to say that it hadn't been despatched after all because they needed a photo of the circuit board in our machine, in order to ascertain which board to send.
Sport and Leisure didn't send the board the next day either, claiming the email I sent first thing that morning with the photo hadn't been received (but had been received by the person I copied in)
Sport and Leisure sent another despatch note, for supposed next day delivery. The courier they claimed to use happened to visit that day with another parcel but not my circuit board so I promptly called to query where it was.
Well, I was shocked! Sport and Leisure first claimed that they needed to delve a little further to locate the item. Then emailed again to say that the circuit board was out of stock and hadn't actually been despatched at all on the previous day! Oh, and it couldn't be despatched until the following day. (Still with me? At this point, it was 8 days after I logged the fault and 15 days after I bought the item)
Telling me TWICE that they'd despatched something that they hadn't just pushed my patience too far and so I emailed the company to request that they arrange a return of the item. It was a simple email to say that the item was not fit for purpose and that the after sales service was nothing short of dreadful. At this point in time, I was simply thinking... that if the service is like this in the first month, how will it be any different in 8, 9, 10 months time if a fault arises. A 'one year' warranty is all very well but I'm starting to think that the one year is referring to how long they'll take to fix the fault because they don't seem to give any consideration/urgency at all to how long the customer is left waiting for a fix.
I waited another whole day before calling for confirmation that they had received my refund request. They confirmed that they could collect the treadmill... sometime within up to TEN DAYS!!!
I won't put myself through the pain of asking how long the refund will take thereafter but, yes, they can safely assume that I won't be out shopping for my replacement any time soon.

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