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You can find ANYTHING!

A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrific thirst for...........ginger beer!
I pulled out my trusty iPad and opened the Amazon app. I entered "ginger beer" and there were dozens of choices.
I chose one that sounded good and ordered a 24 pk. Two days later it was sitting on my front porch. And free shipping thru Amazon Prime.
I find that just a little bit amazing.

HOWEVER. There is an Amazon shipping plant near my home and the word is out that it is a total sweat shop. Hearing that has made me love Amazon a lot less. Wake up, Amazon. The most successful companies are the ones who treat their employees like the assets they are.


The answers to all of your questions

I was thrilled to discover this website. I love movies, and you can find ANY movie here. If you know only one actor, you can scroll down their entire repertoire and find the one you just couldn't call to mind. Nice trivia bits, too.
Every single actor in a film is listed, so you can pick out those guys that always play minor characters, but appear again and again. And you can see where you might have seen them before.
It gives you a new appreciation for the versatility of many actors.


Easy and convenient

Just choose the type of dog food you are wanting and sign up. The bags will be delivered to your door at the interval that you choose. You can add treats, bones, toys, and other doggie things if you wish.
Then you can take "get dog food" off your "to do" list.

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