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please don't waste your money!!!!!!

well where do i start ? .. i put a order on there website for 3 items on 15/1/2012 i called today on the 20/1/12. after logging in to track my order ,it stated on there piss poor website that my goods were pending , and 1 was cancelled . so i contacted there help line and i got through to customer services and asked where my items were., i was told by the unhelpful lady who goes by the moniker of'' Pam''or ''pan'' maybe, couldn't tell as it sounded like she was eating a pasty, that my items were in France awaiting dispatch to there UK warehouse , and my other item was cancelled as it was not in stock , as this is not great to say the least , i asked that my card be refunded , and goods not sent , she replied ''OK sir'' . then paused and i heard a voice(Pam's supervisor??) , she then told me my goods will be there tuseday , and i cant be refunded as they are now shipped , i replied ''that's 8 days after the order date , it states on the website , '' a couple of days '' , cloudy i know ... but still 8 days is not a couple ,''well it is '' replied Pam or pan? the unhelpful spunk bucket . i then went round the houses explaining to pam that a ''couple of days'' is more often than not a loose word for two , not 5,6,7,8 ect i mean if your husband , lover or who ever you annoy at home made love to you a ''couple'' of times a week for a women in your late 40's im guessing that your friends would be quite envious, of your power house Mr loverman. but if you were to tell them your husband , male companion ect made love to you every 8 days , well that's not even once a week , its about 30 times a year big difference Pam your friends would laugh at how dry your minge must be and tell you to clean the pasty crumbs off your paisley themed blouse! anyway so i now will wait till tuesday ..................... i have been stung by this site before last year but thought id give it a try again as there children's ware looks good but twice bitten ..... please don't waste your time with this site awful is not the word !

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