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We saved money and had some fun.

I wanted to renew house insurance and thought I would try CTM for a quote. I found the web forms for details easy to fill out, and got a number of quotes quickly. I managed to save about £200 per year, coincidentally with the same comapny I had been with. It turns out that over time I had been with them, they had quietly upgraded cover beyond what I needed, and with it the premiums. So I saved money with a relatively simple search and claimed my Meerkat toy.

The resultant emails with the travels of Postkat have had us in stitches at home and all for free. So, a good online service, does what it says on the tin, saved money and a bit of fun as well, can't fault it - this is why I gave 5*

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Not quite got online shopping yet.

I ordered a Jacket, two trousers as a suit, plus 3 shirts. 7 day deliver was not particularly impressive, but sort of OK. What really brassed me off was the day before delivery, a full 6 days after the order, they did not have the exact shirts in stock, and were not restocing, so deleted off the order. Sent me an email, but I do not read my home email daily. Next day order arrives, no shirts. Nothing on the advice note, so we assumed it would follow. Checked the order tracker a few days later, shirts missing off the order - no note to say they had been deleted, only after ringing, did I find the email buried in amongst all the junk mail.
(1) when you take an order online - you should reserve stock and make sure it can be delivered.
(2) ensure order documentation shows changes from what was ordered.
It is a good thing all the suit parts arrived - if they had cancelled the trousers then I would have had a useless jacket.
M&S - the suit was good, the shopping experience rubbish - please sort out your systems to be as good as the products.


Get it together guys

Our main supermarket in town is Tesco. There is also a Waitrose and a Tesco Express. Otherwise I can travel 9 miles for the other main supermarkets.
Over the last few weeks Tesco prices have gone up and down to the extent I belive they are just a bunch of rip-off merchants. An example of bottled beer. £1.70 or so before Chistmas, with offers. About 10p cheaper than Waitrose. Last week £2.09 all brands, no offers (35p more than Waitrose), this week £1.99. Same for coffee - my favourite brand has been varying between about £6.00 and £4.00 a jar over the last few weeks.
It is not just prices either - we just get to like a product, a washing tablet, biscuits, anything, and then find it replaced with an own brand or something else.
All I want is reasonable prices, and the same stuff at about the same price week after week. I do not want to have to price every item in my trolley and find different things in different places, taking twice as long.
Wonder why you are losing ground and share price? Look at the muppets in your store layout, pricing and buying departments.
Meantime I am investigating online shopping from Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons for my weekly shop.


First Class Company

I was building a cabinet for my home and needed to find some handles. Found Ironmongerydirect on a Google search, looked through the online catalogue, and bought.
Good prices, fast delivery and good quality items - cannot fault them. I buy a lot on-line and these are amongst the best. Needless to say, I have now ordered and received a paper catalogue and they will be my first port of call for my next project(s).

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A grumpy old guy who hates shopping. All I want is for things to be as described, reasonable price and fit for purpose. Not interested in flashy offers, smoke and mirrors, just honest marketing (if there is such a thing). Online I want accurate descriptions, when I order I expect stock to have been checked and get what I ordered in a reasonable time.
So, if you want good marks - just do what you say........