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Very disapointing

Very disapointed with the bishops stortford branch which I have used for 10 yrs.Bought some Italian school books for my son as I had forgotten the name of the book he asked me to get. However I forgot to return the two books not needed from three within the refund period. Found books whilst tidying house yesterday, brought them back and explained the reason for being outside the returns period to the very unhelpful assistant who then informed me she was the Duty Manager. I fully appreciate their policy( i am a senior manager at another retailer) however they ought to be able to use their discression when making decesions. If I had bought a reading book for my son then they may have thought it had been read probably several times over, however these books are dictionaries, and I am now stuck with two italian dictionaries where I was perfectly happy to be able to buy other books as alternatives. A call to their Head office resulted in somebody getting back to me over the weekend...............I will await. However after receiving many years of great service from this particular branch and my son having received lots of gift cards and book presents from here over the year I am very disapointed to be treated in this way where had simple common sense being used would have made a massive difference. Lets hope that common sense prevails after the weekend.

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bishops stortford, United Kingdom