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Richer Sounds

I expect better from a deputy manager

My complaint stems from my first experience of Richer Sounds and I can tell you I will not be spending my money there in the future anytime soon.
I arrived at the shop at about 4pm in the afternoon all the advisors were busy and the deputy manager a Jenine I think her name was , was milling about behind the counter doing absolutely nothing , it looked like she was trying to portray she was supervising as she was standing there watching over her staff .
I was waiting patiently by the side of the counter and she looked up at me a few times briefly then tried to pretend she didn't see me at this point more people started coming into the shop after me I spent 20 mins waiting to be served and then when one of her staff was free I put my hand up to be acknowledged as I had just been waiting 20 mins .
the deputy manger a(Jenine ) then looked over at me and told me Ithe queue was on the other side of shop .
As you can imagine i was not pleased but did not kick up a fuss , what I could not understand was there were no signs in the shop stating where to queue and even if there was this deputy manager had looked up at me blatantly on two occasions from the time I walked into the shop and could see I was waiting she knew I was next in line to be served and if she was concentrating on her job like a person of her position should be she will have realised I had been waiting 20 mins longer than everyone else to be served so I should therefore be next in line to be served with an apology for the wait.

I got no apology for the wait but was expected to go to the back of the queue just because of a lazy deputy manager whom could not be bothered to serve me herself because she was doing nothing and was blatantly trying to be difficult .

This is terrible customer service and I must tell you when I got told the queue was on the other side of the shop I just walked out''
my issue is what was her problem .

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