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Unproffessional DO NOT USE!!!!!

Booked our transfer from Gatwick to London and return before leaving home with an idea that the sevice was reliable.
When arriving to gatwick we easyli found the busstop, but from there it went all bad.
we waited over an hour, being rejected from four different busses that drove away empty or almost empty, and the busdrivers didn't even took a glance at our tickets, the only response was, there will be another bus in 15 minutes (all four times), and as we stood waiting more passengers piled up at the busstop all with tickets and no busses. so after waiting 1½ hour after our planned bus departure we gave up waiting and found other transportation.
As we were to go to back to gatwick for the plane home, we showed up 45 minutes before the planned departure to gatwick in the hope that our first experience just was one bad day for Easybus.
But no.... Again we were rejected from our reservated bus, allthough the driver picked up two very beautyful girls for 20£ cash, but we who had tickets to the bus could not get on. Again the driver said there would be a bus every 15 minutes, so we could just take the next one. Well 40 minutes later there came another bus, which this time insisted to take the passengers with bookings for his shift, and again said we should wait an additional "15 minutes". At this time we reached a point were we would miss our plane if we did not get some kind of transport to the airport, wich we also told the last driver, but never the less he refused to help finding a solution for us. so in the end, we again had to find another way to get to the airport.
Overall we were left with a feeling that we had been hustled for the cost of the tickets like you would expect in the third world, and not a company that wants to be taken seriuos.
So if you go to london and want to be sure of your transport, DO NOT use this company. Take one of the other reliable services in stead.

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There is nothing to be said about ordering and delivering, everything just works like a charm. BUT in my opinion the store need to describe the products better in terms of battery life on the E-cigs and online usermanuals, since the manual in the pakage "stinks" and is downright worthless for a first time user of the product. Also I think it would be a good idea to recommend compatible products under each items page.

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