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Phix Clothing

Shocking customer service!

I, like many of the people below, was promised a refund. 'No longer than 5 working days' I was told on the phone buy a member of staff...ha ha very funny that won't happen in 5 days if you get treated anything like I did! I had my emails ignored, fobbed off on the phone with comments like 'all I can do is flag your refund up AGAIN and get accounts to look at it'...I was left with the distinct impression that there was no particular urgency or regret for my situation. I finally realised by looking at other peoples reviews that I would either need to go through my bank or leave numerous comments on their facebook page which I did and they all got deleted. They eventually gave me my refund back but only after CONSISTANT pestering and chasing.

Refunds are EQUALLY as important as getting the goods out to your customers. This level of service is not good enough in this day and age...God I sound like my mother, but it is true! You may have a very shiny glossy looking website but Phix you need to back it up with good solid customer service! I imagine the customer retention after exchange and refunds must be extremely low.

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