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Brutally inept.

Never before have I came into contact with a company that deals with technology that possesses the knowledge of Laptop repairs akin to an 18th Century Luddite.

One would assume that a company that is informed that the device in question has a hard-drive problem would at least make some form attempt to fix it, especially one receiving £8.99 a month to deal with such issues. Four times it has been returned to their fabled repair centre in the Midlands, four times it has returned with the exact same problem. I stressed on the phone that, as a uni student, having a laptop that is reliable is of paramount importance, but every time I am informed that there is nothing wrong with my laptop (usually as I am looking sullenly at a frequent blue-screen.)

If only the issues ended there. I was at home when they took my laptop last time, and I asked them that I needed it back by the Tuesday I left for uni. They said that would be the date they picked it up. Following this, I asked them to deliver it to my university address, they said "Yes boss, I can do that". Come the day before the laptop was scheduled to return, I ring them up to ensure it will be coming to me, and the woman on the phone informs me it will be going to my home address, but tells me that, as an apology, they will get a DPD courier to pick it up on the Wednesday and get it to me first-thing on Thursday. To this, I glare, but at least I will have my laptop back. DPD never arrive on Wednesday. My father contacts them, and is informed the woman was lying, and it's against company policy to deliver a laptop to another address, and nothing will be done. The solution? My sister has to drive all the way up here to deliver it to me. Nice job.

This was a true pain, but to salt the wound further, they haven't even fixed my laptop. It is still bluescreening. The sheer audacity of this company to refer to themselves as Knowhow would be hilarious were it not so tragic. I would rather behead the manager than have his hollow apologies again.

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