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nice fresh , bright healthy flowers . just as many buds as flowers.
was amazed at the amount for the value .

Next door neighbour absolutely loved them as well when mum invited her in to show them , then she was off to tell her mum.

I will be a repeat customer 100%.


very helpful

I recently made an order with Charterhouse for frozen food. sadly the courier company Interlink let them down badly. they failed to deliver the items next working day. So Charterhouse offered to send replacements of what they had in stock.
and were assured 100% the parcel would arrive Friday..
no such parcel , and i got an email from Interlink informing me i wont get my parcel until Monday 13th.
Charterhouse have issued a refund , and i believe they will be contacting Interlink about there lack of service.

Interlink Express

complete rubbish

lol this company is nothing more than a joke.
2 attempts now to deliver time sensitive items , i ordered frozen fish food during the bank holiday weekend , knowing it would not be sent out until the Tuesday . it was supposed to arrive Wednesday , absolutely nothing and when checking the tracking page i seen it was still in the Sortation facility . spoke with the company i bought the food from and they looked into it , and got back to me and offered to send out replacements as they have been assured if they send a parcel out it WOULD get to the customer today ... WRONG no parcel , instead i get an email informing me my parcel has been delayed and i wont get it until Monday 13th.

well Interlink after the weekend you will be known as INTERSTINK as i have been in touch with the company , they have issued a full refund to me and they have told me they will be taking this further with your selves.

Interlink have failed to deliver twice , wont be getting a 3rd chance.

14 May 2013

Reply from Interlink Express

Hi James,

Please accept my apologies for the delay, and for any inconvenience caused to you. I see that the parcel was delivered yesterday - is everything okay?

Feel free to email me at socialmedia@interlinkexpress.com if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,


City Link

pretty poor so called tracking

Well i made an order with a company for mums 72 birthday present.
was sent an email on the 7th telling me my parcel has been sent by City Link express which is 48 hours.

and not to check the tracking link until after 6pm.
i checked after 6 and it informed me parcel has been scanned and is on its way to the delivery depot.
delivery date is Thursday 9th.
i checked in the early hours of the morning * 8th * and still showing parcel scanned and on its way to delivery depot delivery date 9th.
i checked a few times through out yesterday and no up date . after 30 hours still no update on progress.

i was told else where that city link only update tracking 3 times , once collected , item arrives morning of delivery and item has been delivered.
Pretty pathetic service if you ask me.

Well it is now delivery day and nearly 38 hours and yep still no new tracking details , still been scanned and on its way to delivery depot and delivery date 9th.

DPD kept me up to date on progress and then sent me an email giving me a 1 hour delivery slot , 2 mins into that delivery slot the door bell went and it was an other parcel i had ordered.
i did not even know DPD did that as i have never had anything delivered by them.

I am only complaining about lack of information / lack of tracking details . well at the moment that is all i am commenting about , delivery is still for today , but is it going to show up ???



Well they are not the quickest in processing orders.
But they are more than quick enough to take payments in full long before dealing with your order.

made an other order last Thursday money was removed from account 1 hour later then my account on ebuyer updated to items wont be sent until 25th for delivery on 26th. a week to process an order...

made an order for £59.99 with an other company and selected free delivery , got email telling me delivery is 7 - 10 days ... then got an email 35 mins later telling me parcel has been collected by parcel force to track item click this link after 10pm. checked tracking after 10pm to find my item was on its way and for delivery next working day...
ebuyer should take notes on speeding things up a bit.

24 January 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for leaving your review.

I apologise that we was unable to speed up your delivery and hope this has not affected your opinion of Ebuyer too much.

When the free delivery option is selected, delivery can take up to 5 working days.

We will always try to speed up the delivery however this depends on the volume of orders we are shipping with specific delivery dates chosen.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team if you have any queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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